His Word Testifies

There are many who think God’s a myth

That His word is just a story book

Their suspicious when I testify

But refuse to take second look

If they’d just take a little time

With a heart that wants to know

Reading through His Word would touch their lives

Bit by bit their faith would grow

Because I know His word is true

It speaks only to our hearts

Anyone who’s open to the truth

Will soon have a hrand new start

Take a minute now to tell us all

In the comnents down below

How you found Jesus as your Lord

How His truth you came to know

And if you do not call Him Lord

Leave a note to tell us why

Then please take some time to read the Word

Your suspicions may just die

In response to the daily prompt Suspicious

Have You Been?

Have you been to the manger where He was born
Where shepherds and wise men worshipped the Lord
He came from His throne up in heaven above
To become a man and show us His love

Have you been to the river, Jordan’s the name
Where John was baptizing so many that day
When Jesus came to be baptize
The Father spoke up and said I’m pleased with Him

Have you been to the mountain of Olives to hear
The sermon of Jesus that challenged your ear
He spoke with authority as the crowd heard
How they could show love through the pow’r of the word

Have you been to the tomb where Lazarus lay
He was buried and gone for over four days
Yet He came back to life when Jesus had prayed
He walked out of the tomb and gave God the praise

Have you been to Gethsemane’s garden at night
The shadows are deep in the soft pale moonlight
It is here Jesus prayed not my will but thine
As disciples slept close by not liking the time

Have you been to the cross where He suffered for you
I can’t imagine the pain He endured
In agony He cried forgive them today
Then He gave His life freely and died

The sepulcher waited, the stone closed the door
But nothing could hold down my Savior and Lord
Three days later He rose, the victory won
Have you tasted His love
Have you asked Him to come
Into your heart to save you today
If you desire heaven there’s no other way

You say I can’t go there it’s too far away
I tell you I visit them every day
Just open your Bible and read of these things
Day after day new faith it will bring

Do You Understand?

In high school I took languages
French and Spanish you know
Today I may still know some words
But to translate I’d be a no show

Now I can open my Bible
I read the words of my Lord
And His Spirit helps me to know
What blessings He has in store

I do not need a translator
To know what He has to say
Because He is living inside me
He speaks to me every day

In response to the daily prompt Translate

Open Up Your Bible

I opened up my Bible
To see what I could find
It was then I realized
It’s a virtual gold mine

When I look into the scripture
And I take the time to read
I can find the answer
To all my earthly needs

If I need a touch from Him
And health is what I lack
His word says He has healed me
By the stripes upon His back

If I need some comfort
For the hurts that life can bring
His word says He will give me joy
So much that I will sing

If trouble does surround me
And I never feel at ease
He says He’ll come and walk with me
And leave me with His peace

No matter what the problem
That plagues me day to day
His word will have my answer
And guide me on my way

So, open up your Bible
Take time to fully see
His blessings are all written down
They’re yours if you believe