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Run Over

Do you feel like life is running over you
You’re not really sure what you should do
Your world is spinning faster
You cannot catch your breath
It seemed like things get harder everyday

I know a way to conquer every fear
Come out of darkness without shedding a tear
It’s time to rise from hopelessness
To the one who gives you life
You will see that He will help you to survive

Jesus is the one who calms every storm
Jesus is someone who keeps you from all harm
Jesus has the answer for the problems in your life
So turn your life to him and give him praise

I cannot go through a single day
Without lifting up my hands to give him praise
I’ll open up my mouth to testify
About the way He helps me live my life

Don’t wait another day and come to him
Your problems disappear when you trust him
He’ll put you back together and turn your life around
Just trust the Lord with all your heart and soul

I know this poem does not flow well but this is how the Lord spoke it to me when I was on my morning walk. Sometimes life is like that. It just doesn’t flow well and is out of rhythm. I hear people say often that they feel like they have been run over by a truck. Life has left you hurting, tired and wondering why you got up that morning. Job felt that way. He told Hod to take him back and make it like he had never been born! Now that’s a desperate cry! The thing to remember about Job is not that he suffered through one of the worst days in history, endured the silly advice of friends and questioned God many times. The thing to remember is that he came through with double what he had to start!

Wat will God do in the midst of your suffering? How will He move in your life to bring double when it’s all over? Are you sad you have to go through this valley? Don’t be! When life runs you over, remember that we have a God that hears our cry and will answer and bring good things out of the bad. He is right there, by your side, to bring blessing instead of a curse. Will you trust him today, even if everything turns out wrong?

Psalm 30:11 King James Version
11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;

The Desk

I had a dream about a desk
No ordinary desk mind you
But a big desk
Curved and outstanding
This desk had a glass top
With a front panel that shone like silver
Big enough to fill a stage
A stage under multiple lights
They shone brightly
Almost an electric feeling
About the desk

Behind the desk sat a woman
Young and pretty
Blonde hair and blue eyes
Her face mostly neutral in feeling
Soft in compassion
Warm in engaging me
Wanting me to hear what she had to say
Her hair falling around her face
Short of her shoulders
She had on a light blue blouse
Or dress
One could not tell as she sat
Behind that desk

On the desk was a tablet
Which was glanced at by the woman
And she spoke into a microphone
Clipped to her blouse
She spoke of fires
And murders
And trials
And earthquakes
And trade negotiations
And other countries
Far away
Bringing news
News of trouble
News of tragedy
News of wonder
Things I could not imagine
Scrolled across her tablet
Upon that desk

Then one day
In my dream
She got up from the desk
And said she had had enough
Of bad news
And trouble
Enough of things that bring us down
And she was going to leave
But before she did
She sat back down at the desk
Put her tablet aside
And pulled out a big book
The big book was opened
And laid out in front of her
Behind that desk

Then she said
I want to say something good
Good news for all to hear
Good news that crosses the barriers of time
Good news for you
Good news for me
Jesus is alive
H rose from the dead to give you eternal life
He died to set you free from sin
Because He loved you
Romans road tells us so
Verse 3:23
Verse 5:8
Verse 6:23
Verses 10:9-10
Verse 10:13
1 John 1:9
She read with conviction
With passion
Like a fire was within her
Then she looked
Directly into the camera
And quietly said
Have you been born again

Then she got up
And walked away
From the desk