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The Believers Life

He is a Friend to Me

I can’t begin to tell you
What Jesus means to me
My Lord and my Savior
A friend when I’m in need

My head leans on His shoulder
His arms encircle me
His voice speaks in my ear
He watches over me

Everything I long for
Everything I need
Everything my heart desires
He has given me

I will praise His holy name
Jesus King of Kings
Lord of Lords Messiah
He is a friend to me

The Believers Life

What A Savior, What a Friend

Set free
That’s what Jesus did for me
I was lost in sin
No peace within
When Jesus rescued me

In darkness
Was my life
Then He showed me the light
Now He guides me
Satisfies me
Turns away my darkest night

What a Savior
What a friend
I will praise Him once again
I will lift His name on high
He is worthy glorified
What a Savior
What a friend