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I Have Decided

I have decided to follow Jesus Christ
He’s the King of all Kings
He’s the Lord of my life
He’s a friend that’s faithful
He supplies all my needs
I have decided to follow His lead

i have decided to live for Jesus Christ
He came down from heaven to offer His life
Creator of all my redeemer is He
I’ll share His love with each person I see

I have decided my life is in Christ
I’ll die to myself and give Him my life
For He has a plan that is tailored for me
He’ll make me all I’m created to be

Will you make this choice to make Jesus your Lord
it’s a choice you shpuld make it should not be ignored
Just ask His forgiveness and turn fro. your sin
And soon His sweet peace will enter within


I lift my eyes to Jesus
For He is my light
He takes me out of darkness
And makes my future bright

I lift my heart to Jesus
For He is my hope
I had no peace within me
And He taught me to cope

I lift my hands to Jesus
I surrender all to Him
I was losing my life’s battle
And He taught me to win

I lift my voice to Jesus
I worship Him today
I was lost and wandering
And He showed me the way

I lift my praise to Jesus
I sing with all my heart
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God
He gave me a new start

I lift my life to Jesus
Redeemer of my soul
Praise and adoration
To Jesus Christ my Lord