He Outlasted Me

I fought against the Lord 

For many long years

Thinking He’d eventually give up

I did protest His wanting me

To give my life to Him

There were things I just did not want to give up
But He remained persistent 

And I learned I needed Him

Because my life was spinning out on control

So I finally called out

And I asked Him to come in

And I gave to Him complete control
Now I wonder why I protested 

My life is now complete 

And I have the blessed assurance of His love

His joy and peace are constant 

And His grace does cover me

And His mercy is abundant by His love 

In response to the daily prompt Protest

1 thought on “He Outlasted Me

  1. Elouise

    “Now I wonder why I protested.” Indeed. Life isn’t easy–as God knows better than any of us. Better to live it in God’s presence than isolated, out there all on our own trying to get what we think we need or want.

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