The Reason

Bells and lights and bows of holly

Certainly can lead to folly

If we take our eyes of why there here

At Christmas time we celebrate

With food and drink and parties late

The reason for the season isn’t clear


So lets review the story

How Jesus came from glory

To become a sacrifice for all our sin

This baby in the manger

Saved Β me from timeless danger

And gave me peace and joy within


So in this Christmas season

Let’s not forget the reason

We celebrate December 25th

It’s not for winter folly

Or a fat man who is jolly

But a Savior in a manger at His birth



In response to the daily prompt Folly

7 thoughts on “The Reason

      1. Stella Carousel

        And the blog world is a nice place to meet “family” too! I usually do “blog church” on Sundays–called “Sunday Songs”…I’ll save a spot on the front pew for you, if you’re in the neighborhood πŸ™‚ God bless you and your fam abundantly during this magnificent season of His birth!


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