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Lover of My Heart

 My heart sings out your praises
 Joyful Hallelujahs 
 Worshiping your presence 
 Lifting up your name
 Glory in the highest 
 Highest adoration
 You alone I worship
 Lifting up your name
 Jesus, blessed Savior
 Lord of heaven and earth
 Jesus, mine forever
 Living in my heart
 Jesus, King of all Kings
 Master of my future
 Blessed Lord of all things
 That is who you are!
 So I will sing your praise 
 And magnify your name
 Jesus, Lovely Jesus
 Jesus, Lord forever
 Jesus, blessed Jesus 
 Lover of my heart.

Glory to God

 In the quiet of night they waited
 For the breaking of the day
 The long night was cold and lonely
 As they tended the sheep in their care
 The stars were brilliant above them
 A cloudless sky gave them a view
 The campfire was warming their bodies
 As the mist settled down as a dew
 Then suddenly up in the heavens
 A bright light appeared to their sight
 And the form of an angel was seen next
 The shepherds leaned back in their fright
 Glory to God, glory to God
 Glory to God in the Highest
 Peace and good will, peace and good will
 Peace and good will to man
 “Do not be afraid” said the angel
 “I come to bring news of good cheer”
 For a child is born in a manger.
 Bringing great joy to all who will hear”
 You will find the babe laid in a manger
 With swaddling clothes keeping him warm
 Go to Bethlehem and greet the Savior
 Who will be the Lord of this world”
 And suddenly great light was shining
 A great heavenly host filled the air
 Singing “Glory to God in the highest
 Peace on earth and good will to man”
 Glory to God, glory to God
 Glory to God in the Highest
 Peace and good will, peace and good will
 Peace and good will to man 
The Believers Walk

The Heartbeat of My Life

 I place my life in your hands, I surrender
 All of my heart and my will are yours
 Take my soul in your arms forever
 I will follow you all  the way
 Every day, I will bow at your feet
 Every day, I will offer my life
 Every day, I will sing out my praise
 To you alone.  To you alone
 Glory to you, Oh Lord
 Glory to you, Oh Lord
 Honor and praise to your great name
 The heartbeat of my life 
 I lay down at your feet 

The Angels Cry

 I had a dream the other night 
 Of waking in a field
 Twas a chilly night and stars shone bright
 The silence was surreal 
 Then I heard a distant noise
 Like bleating from a sheep
 I followed it and heard a voice 
 Saw shepherds shunning sleep
 They gathered round a dim lit fire
 To keep their bodies warm
 I asked them if they might be tired
 They said sheep mist be warned
 I sat with them this quiet night 
 I felt my dream was done 
 When suddenly an angel choir
 Came shining like the sun
 We all stood there in great fright
 Not knowing what to do
 An angel said we should not fear
 Then the angels call rang out
 Glory glory to our God
 Glory in the highest
 A child is born in Bethlehem
 A King for all the ages
 Glory glory to our God
 Peace on earth forever
 Goodwill comes to everyone 
 Go and see your Savior 
 The Angel choir then left our sight
 We quickly went to see
 The baby they pronounced that night
 Christ Jesus Lord is He
 Glory glory to our God
 Glory in the highest 
 Christ us born in Bethlehem 
 A King for all the ages  

Praise Him

The King of King laid down His life
The Lord of Lords our sacrifice
He rose again and reigns on high
Giving us eternal life
Praise Him
Praise Him
The name above all other names
Who once for all buried my shame
Forever He remains the same
Forever let my voice proclaim
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him with your hands lifted high
Let His name be magnified
Give Him all the glory
Give Him all the honor
He alone has power
To save our lives
Praise Him

Be Glorified

Be Glorified, Lord of all the Heavens
Be Glorified, Lord of all the earth
Be Glorified, You alone are worthy of my praise

Be Magnified, Lord of all the Heavens
Be Magnified, Lord of all the earth
Be Magnified, You alone are worthy of my praise

I will lift my hands toward heaven, I will worship you alone
I will bow my head in reverence at your throne
I will lift my voice in praises to the Lord of all the earth
Who can ever comprehend your awesome worth

I Will Lift My Praise In Song

God you are holy
God you are righteous
God you are worthy of my praise

God you are mercy
God you are gracious
I will lift up your holy name

So I will lift my hands and lift my voice
To worship you and rejoice
You are my rock and fortress strong
I lift my praise in song

When we look into the heavens we see His glory. When a thunderstorm comes through and the rainbow appears in the sky we see His glory. When the sun starts to set and He paints the sky, we see His glory. From the morning dew to the cool night air, His presence is all around us. Minute by minute, day after day, He never ceases to provide everything we need for life. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink all come from Him. The sun that heats, the snow that cools and the wind that dries are all His handiwork. There is nowhere on earth that escapes His presence. There is nowhere His glory is absent. In the deepest depths of the ocean there is beauty man has hardly seen. From the loftiest of mountains spectacular views greet all of mankind. His glory is all around us, His presence surrounds us and His unfailing love will never leave us. We should never cease:6 to praise Him and give Him the glory He deserves. It doesn’t matter what others may say, think, or do. I will praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6
Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord