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Great is Your Majesty

Everything He’s done for me
To set me free
Makes me sing and shout His praise
I’ll lift His name
All my days

Jesus, Jesus
He’s given me such grace
Jesus, Jesus
I long to look on His face

Jesus, Jesus
What a redeemer is He
Jesus, Jesus
Great is His majesty


The Believers Life

Jesus My Lord and King

When I lift up my hands
And lift up my voice in praise
I can sense your sweet spirit
And feel your amazing grace
I will honor you
And worship your holy name
Jesus you’re all to me
My loving Savior

Jesus, my Lord and King
Jesus, my everything
I will love and adore you
Bow down before you
Your praise I’ll gladly sing
Jesus my Lord and King
I love you
That’s why I offer my praise
This day