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I heard a voice so softly whisper in my ear
I’m not sure who is speaking. My waking time is near
I roll myself back over and try to go to sleep
The voice returns once more and I ask the voice to speak

My child I want to tell you how much I love you so
How much I want to bless you. More than you could know
I wish to give you blessings to help your faith to grow
So you can spread the message of my love to all below

I rose up out of bed and I put on my shoes
I opened up the curtains. The sunlight filled the room
I went right to my easy chair and began to sing a tune
My spirit sought to praise Him, My worship filled the room

I am so glad you love me. I am so glad you do
I lift my hands in worship and send my love to you
All of my adoration. With every one of praise
I worship you sweet Jesus. I thank you for your grace

I love the story of Elijah. He bursts on the scene out of nowhere, walks into the King’s palace and announces it won’t rain for three years and then walks out. I’m not sure how he got in or how he got out. It was not easy to get to see the king in those days and when you announce something as drastic as a three year drought, I don’t see how the king did not hold him for a bit to find out who he was. Nevertheless, it took a lot of courage to do what Elijah did,

But Elijah did not always have courage. He also got discouraged. After defeating all the servants of Ball, he ran from Jezebel man actually wanted to die. God led him to the side of a mountain and as he was standing there he saw strong wind, an earthquake and fire, but God was not in any of them. He was in the still small voice that spoke to him and encouraged him to keep going.

If a mighty prophet like Elijah can get discouraged, so can we. But in those times, if we listen for that still, small voice we will hear it. God is always talking to us.

2 Chronicles 20:15 King James Version (KJV)
15 And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.



I can see Him
in the brilliance of the sunrise
in the gilded skies at dawn
in the colors of the rainbow
in the evenings glorious yawn
I can see Him in the stars above
I can see Him in the bird that fly
I can see Him in the leaves that fall
I can see Him everywhere

I can feel Him
in the gentle breeze of spring bring
in the stream that gently flows
in the warmth of summer sun
in the cold of winter snow
I can feel Him in the rain that falls
I can feel Him in the birds that fly
I can feel Him in the still and calm
I can feel Him everywhere

I can hear Him
in the thunder from the storm
in the cooing of a dove
in the howl of the Wolf
in the stillness of His love
I can hear Him when I still myself
I can hear Him when I’m restless
I can hear Him in my sorrow that
I can hear Him everywhere

I can touch Him
in the questions of my prayers
n the times I speak His name
in the showers of His grace
in the words uttered in faith
I can touch Him every moment
I can touch Him in my troubles
I can touch Him when I’m lonely
I can touch Him anytime

I can feel His presence everywhere
He’s given me these senses so I could know He’s there
I use them every day
To guide me on my way
Let my mouth declare
My eyes behold
My ears be witness
My Spirit touch
The Glory of the Lord
It’s everywhere

He Comes Whispering

The business of life has got me down
I try to hear His voice but not a sound
Oh Lord please hear my plea
Come and speak to me
I need to hear your words clear and loud

Then all the world seems bent to swallow me
So bring myself to get down on my knees
Oh Lord I cannot bear
To be alone down here
Come and fill me once again I plead

He comes whispering
Not a loud and roaring cry
He comes whispering
Soft and gently He comes by
If I do not still my mind
I will miss this blessed time
When the Lord of all the earth
Comes whispering

The tears begin to well up in my eyes
As I know the Lord has come to hear my cry
He is faithful He is true
He will also come to you
Just be still and listen as he passes by

When He comes whispering
You must listen and be still
He comes whispering
This is no time to be filled
Empty out your heart and soul
Let Him fill you be made whole
When the Lord of all the earth
Comes whispering

I Listen

I wait for thee
In the morning
Before dawning
Stars aglow
Snow below
Air is cold
Wind is bold
I listen

Heart for you
Thoughts anew
Your voice I hear
In my ear
You speak to me
These words of life
And sacrifice
I listen

Thank you Lord
For your words
For these psalms
That bring calm
You speak to me
Words that seek
To set us free
That we might be
Found in thee
Help me Lord
To listen