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Listen Closely

I can hear you calling
Calling out to me
Hoping I will listen
To your words of peace

I can hear you whisper
In my quiet times
Telling me you love me
Words that give me life

Help me to listen closely
To your words today
I want to draw in closer
I want to know your ways

For your ways are perfect
You’re always good to me
If I will listen closely
Forever I will be

He Comes Whispering

The business of life has got me down
I try to hear His voice but not a sound
Oh Lord please hear my plea
Come and speak to me
I need to hear your words clear and loud

Then all the world seems bent to swallow me
So bring myself to get down on my knees
Oh Lord I cannot bear
To be alone down here
Come and fill me once again I plead

He comes whispering
Not a loud and roaring cry
He comes whispering
Soft and gently He comes by
If I do not still my mind
I will miss this blessed time
When the Lord of all the earth
Comes whispering

The tears begin to well up in my eyes
As I know the Lord has come to hear my cry
He is faithful He is true
He will also come to you
Just be still and listen as he passes by

When He comes whispering
You must listen and be still
He comes whispering
This is no time to be filled
Empty out your heart and soul
Let Him fill you be made whole
When the Lord of all the earth
Comes whispering

Effective Prayer

Jesus I Trust You

There are days that I don’t know
Just what God will do
It seems that it find trouble
In everything I do

Then comes disappointment
As I try to work it out
Soon I get discouraged
When things don’t turn about

Its then I hear His still small voice
Calling out my name
I try to listen closely
I’m sure this is what He said

Trust me
Trust my child
Everything is under my control
I always have a plan
And it’s always for your good
Just trust me my child
Just trust me

Once I heard those words
My spirit came alive
Despite my circumstances
I knew I was alright

I lifted up my hands
While a lifted up my voice
Knowing He was with me
Caused me to rejoice

Then with my loudest voice
I worshiped His dear name
I spoke with affirmative
These words I did proclaim

I trust you
Jesus I trust you
You have not ever failed me
You won’t leave now
From now on when the trials come
When storm clouds loom ahead
I’ll trust you
Jesus I’ll trust you