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Sunrise in June

There is nothing like the beauty of a sunrise
Nothing like the singing of the birds
Nothing like the golden rays
Bringing forth a brand new day
I can hardly out it into words

I was walking my dog yesterday morning and just knew something glorious was about to happen. I had been out earlier on my own walk, listening to the wonderful worship music of Michael W Smith, when I noticed the crescent moon peeking through the clouds every so often. It was then that I actually started to set out my timing to take the dog. We have a walking trail in town that was laid where an old rail line had been deserted. The trail slices through town from north to south about a half mile from my house. When I walk down the street and turn left to go north on the trail, there is a bench about ¼ mile up that faces east. There is a gap in the bushes and trees to the east of that bench which gives a perfect view of a summer sunrise. I was thrilled when I realized that this day I had timed my walk perfectly to catch one of the more glorious sunrises we have had in a while. I snapped a dozen or so pictures with my phone, and one of them is before your eyes right now.

Are you as amazed as I am at what God can paint in the sky? Changing every second, the beauty He adorns His clouds with is breathless at times. Man can paint a picture of it, but that rarely gives the account of the slow motion changing of the colors. Every minutes the picture changes, giving us an awesome view. Each, day and every day a new painting emerges. Each night the sunset does the same. Creativity abounds in the mind of our God. This creativity also shows itself in the way he answers our prayers. We may not always get the exact answer we want. But He will creatively fill our needs every single time. He does this by utilizing our faith, giving us the power to call into existence those things that are not. He is an awesome God!

Ephesians 3:20 King James Version (KJV)
20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

The Splendor of Your Spirit

Beauty all around me
Everywhere I see
Mercy overwhelming
Grace that blesses me

Peace is like a river
Joy flows up within
Love is like an ocean
Cleansing me from sin

Oh the glory
Of your presence
Everywhere I look
You are always there
Oh the splendor
Of your Spirit
Guiding me
Saving me
Hiding me
Surrounding me
With your love

The Believers Life

I’m Amazed

I’m amazed at what God can do
He can calm the wind and the waves
He can turn night into day
He can drive all the clouds away

I’m amazed at what God can do
He can make all the flowers bloom
He can cause the leaves to change hue
He can make seasons to be true

I’m amazed at what God can do
He can dry all the tears in my eye
He can bring peace when I question why
He can bring joy when sorrow is nigh

I’m amazed at what God can do
He can take all my sins away
He can heal all my aches and pains
He can stop all my guilt and shame

I’m amazed at what God can do
I will worship Him every day
He’s my Lord and my King
I owe Him everything
That is why I will give Him my praise