Monthly Archives: March 2017

One Way

To travel outside of our country
A passport is needed by all
If you don’t have one and try it
Your trip will end up being stalled

The same thing is true of life’s journey
You’ll end up in heaven or hell
You will need a passport for heaven
Despite all the lies people tell

You need Jesus Christ as your Savior
He is the one way this I know
Accept Him today and gain entrance
Make heaven your eternal home



In response to the daily prompt Passport

Have You Been?

Have you been to the manger where He was born
Where shepherds and wise men worshipped the Lord
He came from His throne up in heaven above
To become a man and show us His love

Have you been to the river, Jordan’s the name
Where John was baptizing so many that day
When Jesus came to be baptize
The Father spoke up and said I’m pleased with Him

Have you been to the mountain of Olives to hear
The sermon of Jesus that challenged your ear
He spoke with authority as the crowd heard
How they could show love through the pow’r of the word

Have you been to the tomb where Lazarus lay
He was buried and gone for over four days
Yet He came back to life when Jesus had prayed
He walked out of the tomb and gave God the praise

Have you been to Gethsemane’s garden at night
The shadows are deep in the soft pale moonlight
It is here Jesus prayed not my will but thine
As disciples slept close by not liking the time

Have you been to the cross where He suffered for you
I can’t imagine the pain He endured
In agony He cried forgive them today
Then He gave His life freely and died

The sepulcher waited, the stone closed the door
But nothing could hold down my Savior and Lord
Three days later He rose, the victory won
Have you tasted His love
Have you asked Him to come
Into your heart to save you today
If you desire heaven there’s no other way

You say I can’t go there it’s too far away
I tell you I visit them every day
Just open your Bible and read of these things
Day after day new faith it will bring

I Scratch My Head

I used to collect baseball cards
Comic books and marbles
The cards and marbles we would win
The comic books were Marvels

Today if I still had my stash
Kept in mint condition
I have to say I’d have it made
It would be worth a fortune

But I had little foresight then
Into what the future told
Today I scratch my head and think
How did these others know

But there is one thing that is sure
A day is coming soon
When Jesus will return to earth
And take away His own

I am ready for that day
I’ve asked Him in my heart
Make sure you ask Him in today
So you to can depart



In response to the daily prompt Fortune

Let Faith Arise

As I travel through this life
There are tests I must survive
In the midst is when I cry
Let Faith arise

No matter where I am
Or what I may have planned
My life will soon demand
That faith arise

Let faith arise within me
Let it overtake my doubt
When things don’t seem to go the way they should
I turn my eyes to heaven
And my troubled soul cries out
Please help me through this test and work your good

I pray deep down within
My spirit wants to win
The words come flowing in
Let faith arise

No worry should be here
The Lord will lend an ear
When I will make it clear
That faith arise

God sets a plan before me
I do not know the path
His word will light the way
His love will hold me hand
He’ll guide me gently through
With Him I can’t wrong
And when this test is done
I’ll find it made me strong

Let faith arise within me
Let it overtake my doubt
When things don’t seem to go the way they should
I turn my eyes to heaven
And my troubled soul cries out
Please help me through this test and work your good

No Reason

There is no earth;y reason
To pack up for the season
If you love winter, there’s a place to go
The Northern Territory
Year round has winter’s glory
You can ski and sled in mountains of cold snow

There also is no reason
To be stuck in life’s dead pattern
If you haven’t come to know the Savior yet
Just ask Him to come in
He’ll forgive all your sin
Then in His arms you’ll be forever blessed

In response to the daily prompt Territory

Overflowing Grace

He lived for me
Taught me His mercy
Healed the sick and mended lives
His perfect love
Showed it was enough
To defeat the devil’s wiles

When my faith is low
To His word I go
Living water He supplies
He will build me up
Fill my open cup
Overflowing grace us mine

He died for me
Crucified for me
Gave His life to set me free
Suffered through the shame
Agonized with pain
Then He hung upon that tree

He bowed His head
Quietly He said
Forgive them for what they’ve done
Passing down through time
His forgiveness mine
Laid Him in a borrowed tomb

He rose for me
Life eternally
Is now mine He paid the price
I will now abide
By His loving side
All through time His love is mine

How marvelous
How wonderful
Is my Saviors lovely name
I’ll forever raise
Up my voice in praise
His great mercy I’ll proclaim

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

We hear politicians speaking of the things their going to do
Evangelists are harping if you give God blesses you
The world outside is screaming for a change that’s overdue
And they tell us to be careful at what we’re going to choose

I say don’t drink the kool-aid of these modern day prophets
There’s a better potion out there that has long been hard and set
This elixir isn’t an;s device or something made of late
It’s a drink that comes from God Himself void of any hate

The drink I speak of never stops to fill us if we drink
This living water doesn’t come from anybody’s sink
It comes straight from the throne above, and it will make you think
That the wisdom of this world is full of death and stink

Let’s gather round our bible’s folks and read the word of God
Let’s follow in His path and use His wisdom from above
Then we’ll have a chance to fill this world with His great love
Because when it comes to spreading love, His word will be enough


In response to the daily prompt Elixir