Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

We hear politicians speaking of the things their going to do
Evangelists are harping if you give God blesses you
The world outside is screaming for a change that’s overdue
And they tell us to be careful at what we’re going to choose

I say don’t drink the kool-aid of these modern day prophets
There’s a better potion out there that has long been hard and set
This elixir isn’t an;s device or something made of late
It’s a drink that comes from God Himself void of any hate

The drink I speak of never stops to fill us if we drink
This living water doesn’t come from anybody’s sink
It comes straight from the throne above, and it will make you think
That the wisdom of this world is full of death and stink

Let’s gather round our bible’s folks and read the word of God
Let’s follow in His path and use His wisdom from above
Then we’ll have a chance to fill this world with His great love
Because when it comes to spreading love, His word will be enough


In response to the daily prompt Elixir

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