Great, Great Love

One day every knee will bow

In heaven and in earth

And every tongue will confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord


It matters not what they believed

While living on this earth

They must acknowledge He is Lord

For all the world to see


And those who served Him here below

Will then a mansion gain

But those who chose another road

A fire awaits them


As for me I’ll sing His praise

As long as I have breath

For He’s the one who gave His life

So I’d be free from sin


Oh, the great, great love of God

Who sent His only Son

To die and take my sin away

And rose to give me life


Oh the great. Great love of God

Who looks down from above

And helps me every day I live

To grow in grace and truth


I’ll lift my praise Hosanna

Glory to the King

Highest Hallelujahs

Praise His mighty name


Praise and adoration

To Jesus Christ my Lord

Worthy of my highest praise

Now and evermore.


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