When I first came to Jesus
I just did not know
If He would take me as I was
Or say I’d  have to go
My life was a disaster
I’d been a mess for years
And when I learned my fate was hell
I burst out into tears
I couldn’t understand
How He could still love me
Because I’d done so many things
To shun His great mercy
Drinking,  drugs and lust galore
Filled my thoughts each day
I figured there was no way out
I’d truly lost my way
But then a good friend told me
Of His amazing grace
That He had taken all my sins
And died to take my place
Now all I had to do
Was accept His sacrifice
So when I asked Him in my heart
He’d fill me with new life
I figured why not try it
I had nothing to lose
The thought of hell forever
Had me shaking in my boots
So I knelt down at the alter
And I asked Him to come in
And I felt a stirring in my soul
Like a rushing, mighty wind
From that day forth my life has changed
Now heaven Is my home
And life on earth is so much more
Of joy and peace and hope
I know deep in my heart
That Jesus loves me so
And now that He accepted me
There’s something you should know
He loves you right where you are
With a love that never dies
He wants to have you as His own
He wants to change your life
So don’t wait until your ready
Just cry out to Him today
And you will be accepted
Your sins He’ll wipe away

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