My Source

When I thirst I need a fountain

When I am sad I need more joy

When I’m in turmoil peace will comfort me

When I have doubts I turn to faith

When I seem lost I can’t lose hope

When I feel down, love is what I need


There are times my life gets dry and hard

I just wallow in the dust

It is in these times the living water flows

You’re my source for strength in battle

As you quench my thirsting soul

I can feel the Holy Spirit in me grow


When life brings situations

That bring sadness to my life

I can count on you for overwhelming joy

You’re my source for inspiration

When the burden gets to hard

I can count on you to make my spirit soar


In days of great confusion

When I don’t know where to turn

I know that your sweet peace will comfort me

You’re my source for calm assurance

That all things will turn out good

And I’ll rest in the abundance of your peace


There are times my doubts take over

And I wonder where to turn

Then I read your word and faith is lifted high

You’re my source for truth and wisdom

In the times I trust my flesh

You renew the faith that gives eternal life


In this world of greed and power

It is easy to get turned

From the hope you have instilled within my heart

You’re my source for all the future

I can know heaven’s my home

And forever my abode will not depart


Your love is so amazing

Your love is so divine

It sought me out when I was full of sin

You’re me source for loving others

The way that you loved me

Help me, Lord, to keep your love within

One thought on “My Source

  1. Amen Peter . . .all what you said is so true for me too! Through all the ups and downs and twists and turns in life God is with us every step of the way! Thank you Jesus for power of your Sprit in our lives!! ~ Blessings ~

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