One Way

I dreamed I was in heaven
And Jesus walked with me
We went out by the pearly gates
Where a long line I did see
I asked my Lord about it
And He told me just to watch
And listen for a moment
As the line moved slowly past
The first one was a man
Who had given to the poor
He had always put his neighbor first
And never took rewards
To many here on earth
His life had been a blessing
But the angels said I’m sorry
The main thing is still missing
The second was a women
Who had given up her life
As a living testimony
To the church and as a wife
She baked and cleaned and chored
Spent all her time for God
But the angels said I’m sorry
There is one thing you have not
A third and forth and fifth came down
And all had done great things
Some were even pastors
Who were living offerings
But as they told their stories
Of works that they had done
The angels said I’m sorry
You can’t enter, not a one
Then I saw another angel
With a woman who was plain
The angel brought her past the line
To a door with Jesus name
They stopped but for a moment
And the guard opened the book
Then they entered into heaven
And the other stood and looked
I said dear Lord please tell me
What does all of this mean
He looked at me and smiled
It’s simple to explain
The people in the line
Think works will get them in
But this lady had accepted me
And help me deep within
You see my son, the truth is
There is no other way
To enter into heaven
Then to call upon my name
The works you do don’t matter
Nor what you have to give
But if you make me Lord of all
You will in heaven live

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