A Spring Within

I’ve got joy in troubles
Joy in tears
Joy in sorrow
Joy in fears
I can say without a doubt
When I am hurting joy wins out

You ask how joy can overcome
The heartaches that will often come
How can a man be rocked with pain
And have a joy that still remains

It is no secret gift I have
Nor is it hid from any man
This joy is here for you to gain
When life seems to go down the drain

Just turn your mind to Jesus Christ
And realize He bled and died
Was tortured and was crucified
In nine short hours paid the price

Yet His word said that joy was there
As He gave sight to what’s ahead
His eyes not fixed on earthly things
Or all the troubles this life brings

If we would turn our eyes and see
The gifts that grace has meant to be
Our lives are filled with His sweet love
Besides those things that wait above

If we could only rest our mind
Away from troubles in our lives
Than joy would be a spring within
That never will grow dry again


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