It’s Christmas Day

It’s a day of great excitement
It’s a day of warmth and mirth
It’s a day of friends and family
It’s Christmas Day

It’s a day to exchange presents
It’s a day to have a feast
It’s a day share an eggnog
It’s Christmas Day

It’s a day we all year long for
It’s a day we hope for snow
It’s a day of favorite music
It’s Christmas Day

But more than all these wonderful things
More than almost anything
It’s a day that we all celebrate
The birthday of the King

For Jesus came to earth this day
In a lowly manger He did lay
He came to take our sins away
On this Christmas Day

Let’s all make sure we celebrate
The birthday of our Savior great
Who came to die in our place
On this Christmas Day


Wouldn’t it have been amazing
To be there on that morn
When shepherds came to greet Him
The Savior that was born

Wouldn’t it have been amazing
To see the newborn babe
As wise men knelt before Him
Sleeping on the hay

Wonder of wonders
God’s only Son
Came down from heaven that day
We stand before Him
Lord of all time
We gratefully praise His name

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
God has come down to save
King of all Kings
Lord of all Lords
Came to us as a babe

Isn’t it truly amazing
That God loved us all so much
He gave His own Son to redeem us
His blood reaches each one of us

Isn’t it truly amazing
That on this blessed Christmas day
We can sing of our precious redeemer
With hearts full of grateful praise

Wonder of wonders
God’s only Son
Came down from heaven that day
We stand before Him
Lord of all time
We gratefully praise His name

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
God has come down to save
King of all Kings
Lord of all Lords
Came to us as a babe

The Great Payment

Have you ever thought it strange
That a baby in a manger
Would be the one who came to set men free
And have you ever stopped to think
About the fact that Heaven’s King
Left His throne to come and die for you and me

You may think it’s fable
He was born in lowly stable
But the story has withstood the test of time
And I thought that you should know
Why I’ve come to love Him so
For I want you to know this Lord of Life

You see, He changed my life
When I came to Him that time
That my life was spinning out of control
He forgave all of my sin
And He put His spirit in
Now He walks with me wherever I may go

Because this baby in the manger
Was no ordinary stranger
But the Son of God who came to earth that day
He shared the Father’s love
And brought healing from above
And He said He was the truth the life the way

His teaching brought division
Put the leaders in derision
They decided that He must be put to death
So they shouted crucify Him
On a cross they railed against Him
And He gave His life in one last gasp of breath

The final price was paid
For the sin of human race
And now we are set free forevermore
And it all began that day
In a stable filled with hay
And a baby who the blessed Mary bore.

This Christmas don’t forget
The great payment for our debt
That was made by that baby in the hay
He was born to die for me
And to set the captive free
Let us celebrate His birth this Christmas day

A Little Hole in Heaven

A little hole in heaven
Opened up that Christmas day
When Jesus Son of God
Came to earth as a little babe

When He left heavens throne
He traveled through that hole
A host of angels followed
And one His story told

He told it to some shepherds
Out in the field that night
They trembled at the Angel
For he shone with heavenly light

He told them that a Savior
Was born in Bethlehem
The full angelic choir sang
The shepherds went to greet Him

Through that hole shone brilliant light
That surged from Jesus throne
It looked as if a giant star
Above the manger shone

Three kings from far off countries
Saw the brilliant star so bright
They set off on a journey
With gifts for the promised child

Yes a little hole in heaven
Opened up that Christmas night
Through it came our Savior
Coming down to give us Light

He shone the Light from heaven
So that we could see our sin
Then He died as our redeemer
If our hearts would now repent

Open up your heart to Jesus
On this blessed Christmas day
He came down from heaven’s glory
So he could light your way

Shepherd’s Song

Quiet night
Stars shine bright
Giving light
To all below
Shepherds watching
Sheep all grazing
All not knowing
What’s in store

From the heavens
Angel saying
Fear thou not
Unto you
Today is born
A Savior
Christ the Lord

Then angelic
Host starts singing
Glory to God
In highest heaven
Still proclaiming
Peace on earth
Goodwill to man
Go see the child

They went to see Him
In the manger
Quiet babe
Among these strangers
Knelt to worship
Saw no danger
Praising Christ, the Lord

Glory to God, The Angels sang
Great is the Lord our God
Peace on earth, Good will to all
Is the Angels song above

When we bow down
To Christ the Lord’
For the first time
The Angel chorus
Sings out a song
In joyful glee
That one more has entered heaven

Will that be you
This Christmas day
Will you ask Christ
To be your way
Will you invite Him
In to stay
Accept His gift today
And then angels will sing again

Glory to God, The Angels sang
Great is the Lord our God
Peace on earth, Good will to all
Is the Angels song above



The story is told
How a long time ago
The God of creation
Looked down below
And said “Son, it is time
For you to bestow
Our mercy and grace on mankind

So the Son left His throne
To bring freedom to all
He was born of a virgin
And was laid in a stall
Shepherds were summoned
To greet Him with awe
On that marvelous, glorious morn

He walked on this earth
Spreading His love
Teaching the people
The truths from above
But the leaders of men
Had about had enough
They condemned Him to death on a cross

Beaten and bruised
Crown of thorns on His brow
He carried His cross
Through the streets of the town
Golgotha awaited
His love would be known
As His wrists and His feet were nailed

From the cross His blood flowed
Down and out for all time
“Father, forgive them”
He said as He died
His mercy and grace
Were released to mankind
For whoever will call on His name

They laid Him to rest
In a tomb someone gave
And the Romans did guard Him
By night and by day
But they fainted in awe
As the stone rolled away
And Jesus arose from the grave

Oh wonderful Savior
Christ Jesus my Lord
You have freed me from sin
It us you I adore
And you rose so that heaven
Is for me evermore
When I call out to you to be saved

I love you, Jesus
I’ll follow your ways
And I’ll tell your story
All of my days
I’ll pray for my family
And friends to be saved
Your mercy and grace are now mine
Help me share them all of the time
So that others will know
That you came down below
As the Savior for all of mankind


He Came to Die

At Christmas time we celebrate
The Birthday of our Lord
Born this day in Bethlehem
A stable His abode

Shepherds came to greet Him
For an angel told them where
They bowed before the little child
While Mary looked on there

He grew and started preaching
Repent for God is nigh
He healed all that would come to Him
He taught them with no lies

His message made the rulers made
The planned to take His life
But He knew all about their plans
The prophets all were right

We celebrate His birth today
And rightfully we should
But more important is the fact
He came to die for you

His purpose from the very start
Was to give His life away
Please don’t forget the price He paid
On this Christmas day


Center Stage

Too often I sought to be there
In the middle of it all
Pride ate me up inside
And spit me out
I fell hard and fast
Not really knowing why
Until God showed me my pride
How ugly it was
How it robbed Him of His glory
How it caused me to ignore His word
I wallowed in sin
Yet remained a cynosure
Until the day
I truly met my Savior
I thought I was saved before
I thought I had given my life
But it was only in prat
Not in whole
And I realized
He wanted all of me
Not just part
So I put away my pride
And took on Christ
In all His humility and meekness
That babe in a manger
Became my Lord
Now He takes center stage
In my life

In response to the daily prompt