Close To You

When my eyes are weary and I lay me down
I can trust in you, Lord, to bring the calm
From a busy day to a quiet night
Knowing you’ll be near until the light

When I raise my head to the newborn day
I will look to you, Lord, to find my way
You will lead me on through the day ahead
As your Spirit speaks and my heart obeys.

Close to you, close to you
Every moment, this I choose
Never far from your sweet call
Close to you, you’re my all

When my way is lonely, and I’m feeling sad
I can look to you, Lord, and I’ll be glad
Just to know you walk every step with me
I can go through life knowing you are near

You will never leave me,
Never desert me
Never stop loving me
Never stop giving
Never be angry
Never give up on me

Close to you, close to you
Every moment, this I choose
Never far from your sweet call
Close to you, you’re my all

Jesus, My Shepherd

Jesus is my shepherd and I am His sheep
He is my refuge and strong tower
A fortress built to withstand any attack from my enemy
He guards me and protects me
He keeps me safe in all situations
He watches over his flock with great diligence and with the utmost love.
As long as I follow him and stay in his flock
There is nothing that I shall ever want for
He provides everything that I need
He brings me to places that are lush with the things I have need of.
His provision is pleasing for both my body and my soul
He supplies life giving nourishment in the green valley pasture
That He lays out before me
I could not ask for a better place to be
There are streams wherever He leads me
Streams of clear, cool, refreshing water that is still
It is living water that never runs dry
I can partake of it easily and often because it is not rushing by me
There are no rocks or rapids in it
It is calm and it calms me
I stand beside it and enjoy the beautiful view
My shepherd restores all that is within me
I can be at peace in these wonderful valleys
My soul can be renewed and revitalize
By the soothing sound of the river of life slowly going by me
The river is full of those things that I need to keep me vibrant and alive
He guides me in the right way all the time
I never have to worry that He will lead me astray
He shows me the way to live my life
So that I will bring Him glory
It is also a way that keeps me safe from all harm
His way helps me to grow in my faith every day
He will never fail me
Even though I am facing the most difficult of circumstances
I will never be afraid
Even when it seems like the walls of my life or crashing in around me
I will not worry
Even when sickness comes in and could destroy me
I will not crumble or complain
I can have this attitude because I know that He is always with me
He will never leave my side
He will never leave me without remedy for my situation
He has the power and the strength to bring me out of anything
I can call upon this power and this strength in His name
It will arrive swiftly when I call
Even if my enemies are coming in around me
I do not have to worry about them
God will prepare a feast for them so they will be my friends.
He will give me calm in the midst of that storm
He is the one who lifts them up
He is the one who brings them down
He is the one who makes nations rise and fall
He is the one that puts their Kings on the throne and removes them.
There is nothing I need to fear from my enemies
Jesus anoints me as His follower with the Holy Spirit
His Spirit teaches me and guides me by His word
Whenever I need His help
He’s always there to comfort me and protect me
He shows me the word
He gives me the understanding on how to apply it to my life
That anointing brings in the fruit of the spirit
Which guide my life and everything that I do
He fills me so full that it runs over to other people around me
They can feel the love, joy and peace of God in their lives
I have no doubt in my mind that His goodness and His Mercy
Will always be my guiding light.
They will go wherever I go
They will be wherever I am
Every day I will have His mercy and His goodness alive in my life
Every day I will taste of the goodness of God for the rest of my life
Not a day will go by that He will not be my shepherd
I will be in his presence for all eternity


I Want to Thank You Lord (Music Video)

This is my favorite of all the choruses and songs I have written.  I can’t begin to tell you the comfort it gave me while going  through to stem cell transplants in 2016.  My church loves it, and my Pastors wife adores this song.  I hope it blesses you a well.

I Want to Thank You, Lord  (C) 2012 Pete Gardner  Belmond, Iowa

He Sure Knew Me

My heart was so empty
Out here in this world
I felt lost and lonely
My life was a whirl
Then one day I listened
He was calling to me


I didn’t know Jesus
But He sure knew me
He told me He loved me
I thought how could He
Love someone so dirty
So full of disease
Then I read His story
Of mercy and grace
I knelt down before Him
Tears ran down my face.
Dear Lord I need you
Come, fill up my heart
Show me your sweet mercy
Give me a new start
You took my transgressions
And washed them away
Be Lord of my life now
In your arms I’ll stay
Holy are you Lord
Worthy of praise
I sing hallelujah
As my hands I raise
Holy are you Lord
I lift up my voice
I’ll praise you forever
In you I rejoice

I Call Him

In the night I call Him
Jesus hear my prayer
Help me know the plans you have for me
In the night He answers
Child I’m calling you
I will guide you where you need to be

At the dawn I call Him
Jesus hear my plea
I need strength to make it through the day
At the dawn He answers
Child I’m here with you
Leading you along the narrow way

There He is
Day and night
Dawn and eve
Dark or light
Watching me
Guiding me
Hearing me
Loving me

At the noon I call Him
Jesus hear my cry
Give my friends and family your love
At the noon He answers
Child I’m pleased with you
You have prayed for all that I’m enough

At the eve I call Him
Jesus help us all
Turn to you with every single need
In the eve He answers
Child I’ll grant your plea
I will listen when they call to me

There He is
Day and night
Dawn and eve
Dark or light
Watching me
Guiding me
Hearing me
Loving me

There He is
By my side
Helping me
To survive

Mercy Will Wash Over Me

Your mercy endures forever
Forever your mercy will be
When I have sinned
When I struggle within
Your mercy will wash over me

I find myself seeking refuge
From sins that have plagued me before
My hope is in you
You’ll carry me through
Your mercy is what I long for

Jesus, my Lord and Savior
Merciful Lord unto me
Jesus, my King and my Shepherd
Your mercy will wash over me

When darkness has entered my life
When I can’t seem to find my way out
You come to my aid
I become unafraid
Your mercy makes my heart to shout

Glory and honor and blessing
To Jesus my praise lifted high
Power and might and dominion
Jesus I glorify

Jesus, my Lord and Savior
Merciful Lord unto me
Jesus, my King and my Shepherd
Your mercy will wash over me

What Love

I am convinced
Fully persuaded
Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt
With full faith
And all belief
That Jesus loves me
More than I can comprehend
More than I deserve
More than I can express
In simple words
His love for me was evident
On that day so long ago
When He talked to His disciples in the upper room
When he told them he would be leaving them
When He washed their feet
Stooping down before them
Towel and basin by His side
Wiping the dust ad grime off
Drying them carefully
When He gave them the bread
Saying this is my body
Broken for you
He gave them the wine
Saying this is my blood
Poured out for you
They walked to the garden
As He taught them
His final words to them
He prayed
While they slept
Submitting to the Father’s will
Soldiers came
He surrendered to them
Trial came
He was silent
Scourging came
He bore the stripes
Crown of thorns came
He offered His brow
Beaten and bruised
He gave His body
Trial before Pilate
He humbled Himself
Carried His cross
Though His body was worn
Nailed through His hands and feet
Onto the tree
Crucified between thieves
Took on our sins
Gave up His life
It was not taken from Him
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Sealed with a stone
What a gift he has given
When he gave Himself
For my sin
For my shame
For my guilt
For my pardon
Oh what mercy
Oh what grace
Oh what love

Can You Sing Glory

Can you sing glory
Glory to the Lamb
Can you sing holy
Holy is the Lamb
Can you sing worthy
Worthy is the Lamb
Can you sing Righteous
Righteous is the Lamb

Can you sing mercy
Mercy is the Lamb
Can you sing gracious
Gracious is the Lamb
Can you sing faithful
Faithful is the Lamb
Can you sing Jesus
Jesus is the Lamb

Jesus, Savior
Lamb that was slain
Mighty is your word
Mighty is your name
Jesus, Jesus
Name above all names
Worthy of my highest and praise

Safe and Sound

Perplexed is not the right word
To describe where I had been
Dazed and confused is closer
To really know my life of sin
I was puzzled trying to find a way
I could ever be clean within
Until I met the Savior of my soul

Jesus took perplexity
And turned it into joy
Dazed He tuned to peace
Confused was not my hope
My puzzled days were over
When His love took over me
Now I’m safe and sound for all to see.


In response to the daily prompt Puzzled