What Christmas Means to Me

When I sit back and look at Christmas
And all that it means to me
I am filled with awe and wonder
At the lessons that this day brings

As a babe in a manger, He showed me
That humility is first in my life
There is nothing more important
Then putting others first every time

Mary and Joseph knew all things
But they did not speak a word
His teaches me I must just show Him
And let the Spirit do the work

The star up above that announced Him
Taught me that I must be a light
If I shine bright enough to others
They will come to His manger side

I innkeeper who had no room
Shows there are many who will not take time
To recognize Jesus is knocking
At the door of their heart and mind

This gives me a reason to show them
The place in my heart He holds
And perhaps they will just make room
For the one who can make them whole 

The shepherds who came to that manger
Saw a baby like any other child
He did not appear to be a Savior
But someone whose meek and mild

His teaches me I should not stand out
Like a bull in a China shop
But should go about my daily chores
Let my work tell His story of Hope

Yes, the lessons we learn from Christmas
Are as vast as the sand and the sea
I will go out and show the whole world
Just what Christmas means to me

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