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As A Babe

 He was wrapped in simple cloths from a garment lying there
 The baby in the manger lay His head down in the hay
 No royal robe awaiting
 No pretty blanket there
 The King of Kings and Lord of Lords came down to earth that day
 Shepherds came to greet this babe the angel had declared
 The looked in awe as Mary held the baby in her arms
 The angel told them this child
 Would bring peace to all mankind
 So the bowed and worshipped Him as the King of Kings that day
 That day was the beginning
 That day brought our redemption
 That day Christ came to live with us
 That day He came to die
 That day He brought God’s love to earth
 That day God’s mercy mercy
 That day the grace of God came as a babe
 He grew and taught us of our Father up in heaven
 Then He gave His life away as a sacrifice for sin
 He didn’t have to save us
 He didn’t have to raise us
 But He loved us all so much that He did it anyway 
 When we will put our trust in Him we inherit life
 When we acknowledge He is Lord we win
 The joy and peace from god above will set our spirits free
 We’ll be no longer captured by our sin
 This day is the beginning
 This day brings our redemption
 This day Christ comes to live with us
 This day He comes to die
 This day He brings God’s love to earth
 This day God’s mercy shows
 This day the grace of God comes as a babe
Christmas Poetry

This Night

 This night is a holy night.  
 With the star shining brightly in the sky
 Where the child lay
 This night is a holy night.  
 For the spirit of God has come to stay
 In a stable filled with hay.  
 It’s a Holy Night
 This star is a holy star.  
 Shining so brightly in the sky
 There to light the way
 This star is a holy star.  
 Giving light to Mary’s newborn babe
 He has come the world to save. 
 It’s a Holy Star.
 All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
 Emmanuel has come to earth
 Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
 The son of God has come to save
 This child is a holy child.  
 The angels proclaim His lowly birth
 To shepherds in the field
 This child is a holy child.  
 Kings bearing gifts come from afar
 And they kneel before the child.  
 He’s a Holy Child.
 Lift up your voice and sing praise to the newborn king
 Good will to man and peace on earth He brings
 Join with the chorus as angels sing
 Praises to the King.  Sing praises to the King!
 All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
 Emmanuel has come to earth
 Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
 The son of God has come to save 

Ponder These Things

 Lord of the Heavens
 Seated on the right hand of God
 Four and twenty elders worshipping
 Sing glory and honor and power and might
 To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
 Exalted above all others
 Since the beginning of time
 Glorious and majestic
 Full of awe and wonder
 All things created by Him
 All things created for Him       
 Beautiful beyond description 
 More precious than silver or gold
 Merciful and gracious
 Longsuffering and full of goodness
 Worthy of all praise
 Son of the most high God
 Holy is He
 King of heaven and earth
 Left His heavenly place
 Left the splendor and the glory
 Left the right hand of God
 Left His Father
 Left His power and authority
 Left His throne
 To come to this earth
 Disrobed of His glory
 Clothed in rags
 A baby in a manger
 No honor bestowed Him
 No welcome of royalty
 But animals in the stable
 A star announcing His birth
 Brightly shines above the city
 Wise men from afar witness the star
 They start their journey
 Angels announcing His birth to shepherds
 Not to kings
 Sing glory to God in the Highest
 Say the Savior, Christ the Lord, has come
 As a babe in as manger
 Beckon the shepherds to go and see
 They come and tell Mary their tale
 And bow before the King of Kings
 Little baby in the hay
 Mary ponders these things in her heart
 We should so ponder these things
 His humility
 His love
 His sacrifice
 All for us
 All for you
 All for me

The Reason

 Shoppers are shopping
 Mailmen are walking
 Delivering gifts bought on line
 Trees all are glimmering
 Houses are shimmering
 Lights hung to cheer us in time
 Carols are ringing
 Sleigh Bells are jingling
 Songs of the season are here
 Bright lights are glowing
 Egg nog is flowing
 All midst the words of good cheer
 We all are running
 From each day’s beginning
 To celebrate Christmas each year
 But how about stopping
 Take time from shopping 
 And realize the reason where here
 The star was a’shining
 The cattle were lowing
 When Mary gave birth to a son
 Shepherds were praising
 Sheep were there grazing
 A Savior for all had now come
 He went ‘round teaching
 And gave many healing
 His words filled the hearer with life
 But leaders were seething
 And they started pleading
 To have Jesus crucified
 He went through the suff’ring
 And became the off’ring
 For all of the sins of mankind
 The grave not confining
 He came out a’rising
 Defeating death for all of time
 This is the reason
 For Christmas season
 Let’s not forget why we sing
 For this is God’s son
 Who became the one
 To save all of us from ours sin
 So, I will sing praise
 To His wonderful name
 I will lift up my voice to the King
 He’s always the same
 And His love will remain
 He has given to us everything