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 What yonder star is shining bright
 What wonder in this dazzling light
 That splits the sky and stills the night
 The star of Bethlehem
 It shines down on a manger’s hay
 Where just a small newborn does lay
 His  mother and his father pray
 This night in Bethlehem
 An angel comes to fields afar
 He tells the shepherds of the star
 The leave their flocks and travel far
 To little Bethlehem
 This world will never be the same
 Since the night this baby came
 The call Emmanuel His name
 This day in Bethlehem
 And he will reign o’er all the earth
 For all creation knows His worth
 We all rejoice to praise His birth
 Way off in Bethlehem
 So lift you’re voices high this day
 Give Jesus Christ all of your praise
 He came down this world to save
 To chosen Bethlehem

Extraordinary Day

 It’s not ordinary at all
 What happened that day
 When heaven came down
 In a manger to lay
 Angels came singing
 To shepherds alone
 Kings came from far
 As the brightest star shone
 Mother and father
 Had traveled so far
 To find the inn full
 Underneath that star
 Bet both of them knew
 That this special day
 The Savior was born
 To take sin away
 Yet the kept quiet
 About their sons fate
 He didn’t come too soon
 And He was not late
 The time was just right
 And today we see
 That Jesus redeems
 Both you and me
 Let’s never forget
 That extraordinary day
 When heaven came down
 And in a manger lay 

As A Babe

 He was wrapped in simple cloths from a garment lying there
 The baby in the manger lay His head down in the hay
 No royal robe awaiting
 No pretty blanket there
 The King of Kings and Lord of Lords came down to earth that day
 Shepherds came to greet this babe the angel had declared
 The looked in awe as Mary held the baby in her arms
 The angel told them this child
 Would bring peace to all mankind
 So the bowed and worshipped Him as the King of Kings that day
 That day was the beginning
 That day brought our redemption
 That day Christ came to live with us
 That day He came to die
 That day He brought God’s love to earth
 That day God’s mercy mercy
 That day the grace of God came as a babe
 He grew and taught us of our Father up in heaven
 Then He gave His life away as a sacrifice for sin
 He didn’t have to save us
 He didn’t have to raise us
 But He loved us all so much that He did it anyway 
 When we will put our trust in Him we inherit life
 When we acknowledge He is Lord we win
 The joy and peace from god above will set our spirits free
 We’ll be no longer captured by our sin
 This day is the beginning
 This day brings our redemption
 This day Christ comes to live with us
 This day He comes to die
 This day He brings God’s love to earth
 This day God’s mercy shows
 This day the grace of God comes as a babe

The Wondrous Gift

A brand new Christmas song. Words and video are here.

Oh, to see the light the shines in the darkness
Oh, to see the place where my Lord was born
Oh, to hear the angels sing their praises
On that blessed Christmas morn

Oh, to hear the baby cry in the manger
Oh, to see how Mary loved Him so
Oh, to see how Joseph held Him closely
On that blessed Christmas morn

I wish that I had been there
I wish that I had seen
The wondrous gift was given
For all the world to see
But He said it is greater
That I would still believe
For though I was not there that day
He came to die for me

Oh, I want to turn my face from His suff’ring
Oh, I want to turn my face from His pain
Oh, I want to hear Him cry forgive them
Oh, I want to see Him rise again
Oh, I want to see Him rise again

On that blessed Christmas born
The Son of God was born
To take away our sins
To make us free within
What a wondrous gift
What a wondrous gift
What a wondrous gift God gave