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It Is Finished

I found myself kneeling before His cross 
I could not explain how I felt
Tears of deep sorrow flowed from my eyes 
Dripping down in the blood where I knelt

I looked up to see my Savior so dear
His body all beaten and red
I cried our "Dear Lord what shall I do"
And He looked down at me and said

It is finished your redemption is paid 
It is finished your sin Is erased 
Don't be sad, do not weep
Keep your heart. Keep my peace
In three days all the world will see
It is finished

I stood up and started to praise him
As He gave up a sorrowful sigh
Then His head bowed and life just left Him
I now knew my Savior had died

As I went to my home, I remembered the words
That He spoke to me from His cross 
Then I fasted and prayed for those few days
Hoping soon I'd get over this loss

Then I heard great commotion outside in the street
Someone running and yelling real loud
He's Alive the kept saying
Over and over
He's alive.  He's alive. He's alive 

It is finished the battle is over
It is finished the victory mine 
Jesus has conquered the grave and death 
It is finished and He is alive

He Reigns In Majesty

High above the mountains
High above the sea
High above all nature
He reigns in Majesty

High above the creation
High above all men
High above the heavens
He reigns for all to see

His glory fills the skies above
His glory fills my soul
His glory all around us
For all men to behold

I can’t deny His goodness
I can’t deny His grace
I can’t deny His mercy
I long to see His face

Majestic is the Lamb
Who sits upon the throne
Forever we will worship Him
Jesus Christy our Lord

The Price You Paid

When I think of the pain you bore
And all that you’ve done for me
I can’t help but kneel at the foot of the cross
And thank you for setting me free

I was lost and drifting through life
Like a ship without a sail
You found me when I was dep in distress
And you covered me with your grace

I do not deserve this great mercy
As your love hears my desperate plea
I sit here in awe that such a great God
Would take time to rescue me

So now I will sing Thank you Jesus
For the price that you paid in the cross
I will tell all the world of your goodness
And the change in my life you have caused

For I was the chiefest of sinners
Now peace and joy reign in my heart
Thank you, dear Lord, for rescuing me
By leading me straight to the cross

I Deserved the Cross

As gentle as a Lamb
To the slaughter He was led
He did not say a word
As the blood flowed from His head

The cruelty they showed Him
He took with tender grace
The agone He suffered
He endured to take my place

I deserved the cross yet He took it all for me
I deserved the stripes that He took to set me free
I deserved the nails that pierced His feet and hands
I deserved the cross that Jesus bore for me

With the power of a lion
He rose up from the dead
Victory was in His hand
A crown upon His head

Not the crown of thorns they gave Him
But a royal crown of gold
Now He rules all of heaven
All of earth and all below

I deserved the cross yet He took it all for me
I deserved the stripes that He took to set me free
I deserved the nails that pierced His feet and hands
I deserved the cross that Jesus bore for me

He died to take my sin
He rose to give me life
Hallelujah, He has risen
Hallelujah He’s alive

I deserved the cross yet He took it all for me
I deserved the stripes that He took to set me free
I deserved the nails that pierced His feet and hands
I deserved the cross that Jesus bore for me

Glorious Day

He paved the way to heaven
With blood and sweat and tears
He paid for all my sin
And dispelled all of my fears
Now he waits there for me
And will come to get me soon
I’m waiting for His coming
And to hear that trumpet tune

Glorious day
What a glorious day that will be
Glorious day
When He comes back for me
The trumpet will announce Him
The clouds will part before
And then I will forever
Be in heaven with my Lord

The Great Victory

I looked at the cross and what did I see
But Jesus my Lord looking down at me
His body was bloody and filled with pain
Then I heard Him say "I will rise again"

This cross is simply a means to an end
Soon I will die and this pain will end
They will put my body in a borrowed grave 
It will seem like all hope had been erased

A stone will be rolled across the door
Guards will be placed to make it secure
I will be busy behind the scenes
Leaving this grave to take back the keys 

I'll enter the realm of the devil himself 
And demand that he give me the keys he has held
These keys give release from hell and the grave
So that all who had loved me now will be raised

Then I will  roll the stone from the grave
The guards will be stunned and will fall down in place
I will rise victorious over death and the grave
And you will be granted new life in my name

A life filled with hope and joy and peace
A life where my mercy and grace never cease
Don't worry my child, do not be afraid
This cross that I bear brings a victory so great

The Cross For Me

The cross stood there before you
Ready to take your life
You were beaten, mocked and tortured
As the crowd cried crucify

They led you up a mountain
Exhausted you complied
Then they laid you on that cross
To suffer, bleed and die

Nails were swiftly driven
Through your wrists and feet
They raised the cross up high
So that all the world could see

All through that agony and pain
You never said a word
No slight complaint or whisper
Did you utter in return

Just a few hours later
It is finished you cried out
In that moment all of heaven
Let out a painful shout

The Son of God had given up
His life for you and me
Heaven’s Lamb, the King of Glory
Gave sin it’s last defeat

They laid Him in a borrowed tomb
A stone was put in place
Yet in three days it rolled away
From death to life, He raised

He raised my hope for heaven
He raised my peace from pain
He raised my joy from sorrow
He gave me life again

Oh, what a precious Savior
Is Jesus Christ my Lord
Forever I will praise Him
For the cross for me He bore

What Is it?

What is it that makes me love Him so?
Is it the joy in my heart or the peace in my soul?
Or is it the fact that He gave up His life
To die on a cross so long ago

What is it that causes my heart to sing?
Is it the pain that He heals or the faith that He brings?
Or is it the fact that He rose up again
Giving hope amidst everything

What is it that makes my praise to arise?
Is it all that He taught just to open my eyes?
Or is it that He will one day return
And meet me way up in the sky

Whatever it is that causes these things
I hope that they always remain
My love and my song and the praise that I bring
Will always be full of amens

Amen that He came from His heavenly throne
Amen that He made a manger His home 
Amen that He healed everyone that He touched
Amen that He taught us that He was enough
Amen that He suffered and died for my sin
Amen that He gave me new life within
Amen that He rose up alive from the grave
Amen that He promised me heaven one day

All these amens and so many more
Are due to the one that I so adore
My praise and my worship never will cease
‘Til I rest in His arms and my life is complete

Make It So

I feast on the bread of this world
Instead of the bread of Life
I drink from my cup and my glass
Instead of the Living Water
I wake up to cares of this world
Rather then thoughts for your word
I’m not sure what I’m searching for
But I know what I need from my Father

I need a deeper desire to learn
A deeper desire to pray
A deeper desire to walk with you
A deeper desire to praise

Make it so, Lord
Make it so today
Let not another day go by
That I do not walk in your way
Fill me with your grace and mercy
Help me give it out to the world
Make it so, Lord.  Make it so
Make it so today.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a garden
Where everything was good and right for all
God set down.one rule for man to follow
In order to stay pure and never fall

Once upon a time there was a serpent 
Who tempted man to break the rule God made
Man tasted of the fruit that was forbidden 
And on the day he fell from God's good grace

Once upon a time there was a baby
Who truly came from God to make things right
He grew in wisdom and He taught the masses
What it means to walk in holy light

Once upon a time the priests were angry
And they arranged to put this man to death
The did not realize they were fulfilling 
The prophecies of old that they had read 

Once upon a time they bruised and beat Him
They hung Him on a cross until He died 
But then the third day came with big surprises 
The tomb was empty and He was alive

Once upon a time this man named Jesus
Redeemed us all from all our sin and shame
He took the stripes to heal our broken bodies 
And renewed our Covenant with God again

I know this poem reads quite like a fable
And sounds like it is to good to be true
But I assure you now it really happened
That the Son of God came down to earth for you

He came to show us how much He does love us
He came to being new life to everyone 
Today won't you please give your life to Jesus 
And you will know the victory is won.