No Contest

I sit and wonder why, Lord
Do people not choose thee
When they hear you’ve paid the price
From sin to set them free

Down here they feel so happy
And they think it’s the best
But if they just choose you today.
They would be richly blessed

In this life they party
Thinking all of life’s a game
If you would fill them with your joy
They’d never be the same

And when the party’s over
And the happiness is gone
They sit their all alone and wonder
When some peace will come

But I can tell them truly
That the peace that Jesus gives
Will permeate  their soul each day
As long as they shall live

You ask me how I know these things
So I’ll tell you here and now
‘Twas not that long ago my friend
That I refused to bow

I loved the party life at night
But hated waking up
My mind was filled with torment
My thoughts were so corrupt

It took at least 10 times
For me to head His call
But when I did, He kept His word
And gave to me His all

He blesses me each day
With His presence,  oh so sweet
He fills my heart with joy
Happiness just can’t compete

His peace is so remarkable
It soothes me every day
And His love is unforgettable
He walks along my way

But most of all His mercy
Is always reaching me
And His grace is so amazing
As it works to keep me free

You see it really is no contest
What the best life is
So why not turn your life around
And make your heart be His.

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