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I’m Forever Grateful

I was shackled
Bound with chains
Heavy chains
They wrapped around me like a serpent
My mind was in a prison
A prison of sin
Of shame
Of doubt and sadness
I looed good on the outside
But these chains bound my spirit
My mind
My soul
My being
There seemed to be no escape
I could not loose the chains
I could not pick the lock that held them
I could not free myself
I was stuck in darkness
Solitude loomed over me
I sank deeper
And deeper
Into the depravity of my sin’
My thoughts
My actions
I felt surrounded by a force
Too strong for me to fight
It beat me down every day
I became weary
And depressed
I was ready to just give up

Then I met Jesus
I met the Savior
The Redeemer
I learned he died for me
For my sin
To take away my shame
And doubt
And guilt
He came to loose the chains that bound me
He came to fight my battle for me
He came to bring victory
All I had to do was call His name
Confess my sins
Repent of my ways
Put on His yoke
Make Him my Lord
And follow Him
The rest of my days
He would free me
He would fight for me
He would give me strength
And joy
And peace
He would guide me safely through life
He would teach me His ways
He would become my friend
Always with me
Always helping me

Jesus, I’m yours
I’, all yours
I trusted in you
And you set me free
Free from my shackles
Free from the chains of sin
You set me feet on solid ground
Turned my life around
Gave me all this by grace
A free gift
No charge
You just want me
All of me
Every thought
Every action
Every word
For your glory
I thank you Lord
For your mercy
And your grace
On a sinner such as I
I didn’t deserve any of it
‘Yet you loved me anyway
You sought me out
You pulled me out
I’m forever grateful
Forever grateful to you

Prayer of faith

Call On His Name

I don’t mean to be pushy
Or cruel or rude
I don’t want to hurt you
Or sound really crude

But I must be adamant
This is the truth
Make Christ Your Savior
And Let His love rule

If you don’t you are doomed
To an eternal flame
So before it’s too late
Call on His name

Ask for forgiveness
For all of your sins
Repent and be saved
Let your new life begin

In response to the daily prompt


It’s His Mercy

People often ask me why I follow Christ
They just don’t seem to understand His benefits in life
I tell them it’s quite simple and easy to receive
Just ask Him for forgiveness and then His Word believe

Once these things have happened your eyes will open wide
You’ll understand that Jesus is right there by your side
Truly you will know that He cares for you each day
One thing will really stand out as you walk along His way

It’s His mercy plain and simple
His mercy came for me
His mercy left a throne above to die upon a tree
His mercy then forgave me
His mercy gave me life
His mercy keeps me everyday
His mercy is my guide

His mercy brings me healing
His mercy frees my soul
His mercy brings such joy and peace
His mercy I will hold
I’ve learned I cannot live without
This mercy that He gives me
His mercy is the source of Life
His mercy covers me

When anybody asks again what Jesus did for you
When they say they just can’t why you worship like you do
Just smile and look at them with your eyes just full of love
And tell them it’s His mercy His mercy is enough

The Believers Life

His Only Son

I never understood the tests
I always tried to do my best
But never found a quiet place to rest

But then the Holy Spirit comes
He places me in Jesus arms
I realize I’m free from any harm

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

I now can safely rest in Him
I have a quiet peace within
I’ll never doubt His wondrous grace again

He’ll always be there by my side
His loving mercy will abide
And I will be forever satisfied

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

His only Son delivered
His only Son has healed me
His only Son took all my pain away
His only Son became my Lord
His only Son whom I adore
His only Son to whom I pray

What a wonder my God is
What a miracle He gives me
He sent His Son
His only Son
To die and set me free

Our Salvation

Truly Amazing

There are many who seem to think’
That they are in control
They run along in life
And end up in a hole
I know ‘cause I have been there
I thought I had a hold
But soon it all came crashing down
And brought me to the floor

There is a God in heaven
Who has a plan for you
When you become imperious
He knows just what to do
He lets you go your own way
You’ll find there is no groove
It’s then you must decide
Which life you want to choose

You can choose a life of pleasure
Of doing your own thing
But in the end it costs you
And death is what it brings
Or you can trust in Jesus
And then your soul will sing
The song of His great mercy
Truly amazing

In response to the daily prompt


Praise & Worship

What Can I Do

What can I do but thank you
For all you’ve done for me
What can I do but praise you
With all that’s within me
What can I do but shout out
Your wondrous love for me
I will testify of my Lord Jesus Christ
Who died for me

Thank you Lord for saving me
I praise you for the victory
I’ll shout and sing of all you’ve done
So others know of your great love

The Believers Life

Do You Feel Special?

I can’t remember when I felt so special
As the day that I asked Jesus in my heart
I felt His love come in
As He wiped away my sin
And now I know I never will depart

You see I never thought that I was someone
Who had a very unique call to live
But He showed me the way
As He guided me each day
To the calling He had meant for me to fill

Perhaps you have never felt important
Maybe you just feel you disappearhttps://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/your-daily-word-prompt-unique-November-11-2018/
Just come to Jesus Christ
And He’ll transform your life
You’ll find you have a purpose every year

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/your-daily-word-prompt-unique-November-11-2018/