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Alive For All

Alive, alive
Alive for all to see
He has risen from the dead
New life to bring to me

Alive, alive
Alive for all to hear
Of the wondrous love of Jesus
I must preach to every ear

Hear the blessed news today
Jesus Christ is Lord
For you He died and rose again
So you can trust His word
He did not have to give His life
But out of His great love
He paid the price for all your sin
So you could live above

Call on Him from deep within
Confess that He is Lord
Ask Him to forgive your sin
Ask for His reward
When you do these things in truth
And turn your heart to Him
New life will rise within your heart
And you'll be born again

Alive, alive
He lives within my heart
Won't you give your life to Him
And have a brand new start
Alive, alive 
New life He gives to you
Receive the love of Jesus Christ
Accept His gift to you.

Look in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror and what did I see
A reflection of the old man who lived in me
But I know that Jesus has set me free
So, I need to see what He wants me to be

I adjusted my mirror and focused my eyes
As I looked for the Spirit that lived inside
Suddenly I saw, much to my surprise
The new man in me was very much alive

He filled me with peace.  He filled me with joy
He filled me with hope that flooded my soul
He filled me with His love and with a love for Him
And now there’s a new man living within

Now I need to make sure that the whole world will see
This new man that’s taken up residence in me
If I show grace to others in their time of need
They will see that Jesus is living in me
They need to see that Jesus is living in me

He wants me to live holy. He wants me to be free
He wants me to show others this love He has for me
Looking in the mirror all that I should see
Is the man that He made me when He set me free.


Honor and Glory and Praise

He forgives all my transgressions
And He takes away all my sin
He removes them as far as the east from the west
I can trust my life to Him

He delivers me out of my troubles
He gives peace what the storms come in
Not a day goes by that He’s not by my side
I can trust my life to Him

I give honor and glory and praise
I give honor and glory and praise
To the Lamb who was slain
And the King who was raised
I give honor and glory and praise

Jesus Came A Calling

There was a time that I was wandering deep in sins despair
I had no hope to live for and I really did not care
I’d almost given up on this misery of mine
Then Jesus came a calling and stepped into my life

What a change took place that day when Jesus rescued me
From a sinner who was perishing to a soul that was set free
I looked up to the heavens and raised my hands up high
To give praises to my Savior for His eternal life

Praise the one who came to give His life for mine
Praise the Lord of heaven who came to earth to die
Took on the form of man to face a cruel death
Nailed upon the cross and gave His final breath

All my sin and shame was nailed upon that tree
I give praise to my Savior who bled and died for me
But that was not the end of His mission and His plan
In three days He rose to glory so that I could live again

I will take the life He’s given me and live it for my Lord
I will follow His commandments and read His holy word
Each day I’ll lift my praises to the one that I adore
My resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord

My Savior Lives

 He knows my need
 He knows me need
 When I am afraid
 He knows my need
 He hears my prayer
 He hears my prayer
 When I’m feeling down
 He hears my prayer
 He gives me peace
 He gives me peace
 When the storms arise
 He gives me peace
 He sends His joy
 He sends His joy
 When sorrow takes hold
 He sends His joy
 He’s always there
 He’s always there
 When I’m all alone
 He’s always there
 He died for me
 He died for me
 He shed His blood
 He died for me
 He saved my soul
 He saved my soul
 I was lost in sin
 He saved my soul
 He’s coming back
 He’s coming back
 He will take me home
 When He comes back
 I’ll praise His name
 I’ll praise His name
 My Savior lives
 I’ll praise His name

I Don’t Know

 Why He came to earth at all
 I don’t know
 Why He made home in a stall
 I don’t know
 Why He taught the Fathers’ ways
 Why He showered me with grace
 Why He called me by my name
 I don’t know
 Why He took the scars and stripes
 I don’t know
 Why He sacrificed His life
 I don’t know
 Why He came to earth to die
 Why He loves both you and I
 Why He even cares at all\
 I don’t know
 I think it’s His love
 His everlasting love
 He loved the world so much
 He gave His only Son
 That all who would believe
 Will gain eternal love
 The questions that I have
 Are answered by this truth
 God loves us more than we deserve
 Why He builds me a mansion
 I don’t know
 Why He eases all my tension
 I don’t know
 Why He even cares at all
 Why He loves me when I fall
 Why He gives His grace so freely
 I don’t know
 Now I know His healing is for me
 Now I know deliverance is for me
 Now I know redemption is for me
 Now I know salvation is for me
 Now I know forgiveness is for me
 Now the Holy Spirit is for me
 Now I know His joy
 Now I know His peace
 Now I know He did it all for me 
Jesus Life

An Undeserving Sinner

 Praise to the King! He reigns on high.
 His majesty fills the heavens
 And His glory lights the sky.
 His mercy reaches to my heart
 And His grace saves me from myself
 What a wonderful, loving God we serve.
 Who sent His son, His only son
 To come to this earth, giving up His throne
 And endured suffering and shame
 To die for me.
 He was beaten and bruised
 Ridiculed and mocked
 Hung on a cross, even though He was innocent
 He gave up His life - it was not taken from Him
 He gave His life so that I could have eternal life
 He is so gracious and merciful.
 I was an undeserving sinner,
 and had turned my back on God.
 I was wretched, and cursed God
 Yet He loved me so much
 That He sent His son
 To die for me.
 Now I will serve Him the rest of my days
 He is worthy of my praise. 
 He gave His life for me,
 So I will give my life to Him.
 Praise to the King. He reigns on high.

Pure, White, Clean

 I wake up
 Fresh fallen snow covers the ground
 Pure, white, clean
 Unstained by the world
 As the day goes on
 Plows go by
 Cars go by
 Dirt rises from beneath
 Staining the pure, white snow
 I wake up to my sin
 Jesus covers it with His blood
 Though my sins be as scarlet
 He will wash me white as snow
 Pure, clean
 Stained by sin no more
 Then the day goes by
 And the world comes in
 And sometimes I don't stay
 Pure , White, Clean
 I stumble and get stained again
 But His blood cleanses me
 Over and over
 Clean, Pure, White as snow
 Help me awaken each day
 And apply His blood to my life
 So like fresh fallen snow
 He will keep me
 Pure, White, Clean

Christmas Eve Prayer

 It’s Christmas Eve
 The day before
 We celebrate
 The newborn Lord
 I hope all is well
 With you today
 Have you asked Him
 Your life to save
 When Jesus came
 That fateful night
 That baby boy
 Brought with Him light
 A light that shines
 In all our hearts
 To bring the life
 His love imparts
 A life that’s filled
 With heavens peace
 Enduring hope
 Joys never cease
 His promise came
 When He was born
 Salvation brought
 That Christmas morn
 My prayer this day
 For all of you
 Is season filled
 With life that’s full
 That you will find
 Salvation’s way
 On this December
 Christmas Day 

My Christmas Gift

 I searched for a gift this Christmas
 A gift I could give to all
 It would have to be inexpensive
 And hopefully rather small
 I shopped on the net for days
 And nothing seemed quite right
 So I went to some stores in the city
 And I looked for several nights
 But the perfect gift was elusive
 Nothing I saw seemed to fit
 I started to think it was hopeless
 But then found the perfect gift
 It was free to any who wanted
 It was small, so I’d keep it in hand
 It was easy to give out to others
 I decided that this fit the plan
 This gift didn’t need to be wrapped up
 And it wasn’t some cute little toy
 All I had to do was give it
 The recipient would have much joy
 I’m giving Jesus this Christmas
 I’m telling my friends of His love
 I’m sharing with them His salvation
 And His mercy that rains from above
 I’ll share with them the Christmas story
 And the Easter story as well
 They will hear how much He loves them
 They’ll be touched by the story I tell
 This gift will last them a lifetime
 And they’ll live for eternity
 Safe in the arms of the Savior
 Forever they will be free
 This Christmas give all a present
 That will last for the rest of time
 Give everyone Jesus
 And give them the gift of life.