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The Two Spectators

He sat there
The blind beggar
Behind the crowd
Begging for alms
He heard someone say Jesus was coming
He heard that Jesus opened blinded eyes
Could He do it for me?
Said Bartimaeus
He started to cry out
Jesus, thou Son of David
Have mercy on me
The crowd tried to quiet him
But Jesus came closer
Bartimaeus cried louder
Louder than the crowd
Jesus heard him and stopped
Called him forward
The crowd helped him up
Pushed him toward Jesus
Jesus asked what he wanted
He asked for his sight
And his wish was granted
His eyes were opened
He praised God
And followed Jesus

He lay there
Dead and buried
Grave clothes encased him
He’d been sick for days
They sent for Jesus, his friend
But Jesus did not come
It seemed he didn’t car
Lazarus knew Jesus could heal him
If He had only come
Now it was too late
Now He was dead
Jesus came after the funeral
Mary and Martha asked Him where He was
If he had only come
Jesus wept in sorrow
His friend was dead
But Jesus knew this was not unto death
He said role the stone away
He cried Lazarus come forth
And he did
Still wrapped in those grave clothes
Jesus said unwrap him
They unwrapped him
He was alive
And he followed Jesus

The crowd gathered in the city
Singing Hosannah
Waving palm branches
Throwing their cloaks before Him
As Jesus entered the city
Meek and lowly
Riding on a donkey
They thronged Him
Lazarus was there
Bartimaeus was there
Hailing Him
Thanking Him
For His touch
For His healing
The Pharisees mocked Him
Tried to put Him to shame
He told them the rocks would praise Him if the people did not
They plotted to kill Him
They would not let Him steal their crowd
He overturned the money changers tables
They were thieves
In His house of worship
The scribes sought to kill Him
That was their money
Lazarus and Bartimaeus watched
Thrilled with anticipation

He taught the crowd
He told them stories
Parables about life
About the last days
About 10 virgins
About a prodigal son
About a good Samaritan
They heard Him rebuke the scribes and Pharisees
They heard Him say he would come in glory
Lazarus and Bartimaeus were excited
Then they heard He had been taken in the night
The blessed night of the Passover
They heard He had been betrayed
He had been denied by His disciples
He had been condemned to die
They gathered with the crowd
The same crowd that cheered Him 4 days before
The temple leaders told them they must deny Him
Or be thrown from the temple
The crowd cried crucify Him
Crucify Him
Give us Barabbas instead
Lazarus and Bartimaeus were in disbelief
They whipped Him
Beat Him
Spit in Him
Mocked Him
Put a crown of thorns on His head
Out His cross on His back
Made Him carry it down the via Delarosa
All the way to Golgotha
Lazarus and Bartimaeus watched as he fell under the weight
A man named Simon helped Him
The laid Him in the cross
Nailed His hands and feet
Raised up that cross
Bartimaeus thought “He restored my sight to see this?”
Lazarus thought “He brought me back to life to see Him die?”
They were heart-broken
Yet they followed Him

The skies darkened at mid-day
He let out a cry
“Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”
Then “It is finished”
He hung His head
And He died
Lazarus and Bartimaeus stood side by side
They wept
They saw Joseph take the body
They followed to the garden
They wept
And wept
They did not understand
Why give me my sight to see this?
Why raise me up from the dead to see this?
They went back to the city and stayed there
They did not want to leave
They had no reason to leave

Then the sabbath day passed
They heard someone cry
He’s alive 
Jesus is alive
They ran to the tomb
Saw the stone rolled away
Jumping and shouting and praising God
They rejoiced
Bartimaeus could see the empty tomb!
Lazarus knew what it was to raise from the dead
They knew
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Jesus was alive
Alive forevermore
Alive for all to see
Alive for all to gain life!