What yonder star is shining bright
 What wonder in this dazzling light
 That splits the sky and stills the night
 The star of Bethlehem
 It shines down on a manger’s hay
 Where just a small newborn does lay
 His  mother and his father pray
 This night in Bethlehem
 An angel comes to fields afar
 He tells the shepherds of the star
 The leave their flocks and travel far
 To little Bethlehem
 This world will never be the same
 Since the night this baby came
 The call Emmanuel His name
 This day in Bethlehem
 And he will reign o’er all the earth
 For all creation knows His worth
 We all rejoice to praise His birth
 Way off in Bethlehem
 So lift you’re voices high this day
 Give Jesus Christ all of your praise
 He came down this world to save
 To chosen Bethlehem

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