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Christmas Poetry

Christmas Cheer

 It’s once again that time of year
 When we ring out our Christmas cheer
 We sing the songs of Jesus birth
 Declaring Him through all the earth
 Hark the Herald angels sing
 Hear the bells oh hear them ring
 O come oh come Emmanuel
 A silent night for all to tell
 Far away in manger lay
 What child is this who sleeps in hay
 Three great kings come from afar
 Joy to the world beneath that star
 We’ve heard angels from on high
 Little town of Bethlehem sighs
 Come all ye faithful raise your voice
 Come let us adore our Lord
 In all these songs we give Him praise
 For He our sin has far erased
 This Christmas time I hope you know
 The reason for the seasons show
 Let Christ be lifted high above
 Tell all your friends of His great love
 That He would leave His royal throne
 To come to earth and die alone 
Christmas Poetry

The Songs of Christmas

 Hear the sounds of Christmas
 Ringing in the air
 Sounds that warm your heart
 Meant for all to hear
 Jingle Bells are jingling
 Everywhere you go
 Wishing Merry Christmas
 To all who hear them toll
 The First Noel has sounded
 From choirs bringing cheer
 Noel, Noel Born is the King
 Is music to our ears
 Precious songs of Christmas
 Songs if warmth and cheer
 Sung with all your heart
 Every single year
 And then a chorus fills the air
 Hark the Herald Angels Sing
 Voices of the highest praise
 Glory to the newborn King
 Oh, little town of Bethlehem
 A town we’ve grown to love
 Is visited by three wise men
 Who saw he star above
 Sing the tale of Christmas
 With familiar lines
 From children to our elders
 Enjoying every rhyme
 Away in lowly manger
 No room was found for them
 In hay they laid their baby
 And there His tale begins
 Silent Night, Holy Night
 When Jesus Christ was born
 The songs of His appearing
 Are songs that bring us joy
 Joy to the World
 Jesus Christ has come
 Born to die for all mankind
 Praise the Holy One
 Sing the songs of Christmas
 Lift your praise above
 Sing with all your heart
 Songs we know and love 

The Reason

 Shoppers are shopping
 Mailmen are walking
 Delivering gifts bought on line
 Trees all are glimmering
 Houses are shimmering
 Lights hung to cheer us in time
 Carols are ringing
 Sleigh Bells are jingling
 Songs of the season are here
 Bright lights are glowing
 Egg nog is flowing
 All midst the words of good cheer
 We all are running
 From each day’s beginning
 To celebrate Christmas each year
 But how about stopping
 Take time from shopping 
 And realize the reason where here
 The star was a’shining
 The cattle were lowing
 When Mary gave birth to a son
 Shepherds were praising
 Sheep were there grazing
 A Savior for all had now come
 He went ‘round teaching
 And gave many healing
 His words filled the hearer with life
 But leaders were seething
 And they started pleading
 To have Jesus crucified
 He went through the suff’ring
 And became the off’ring
 For all of the sins of mankind
 The grave not confining
 He came out a’rising
 Defeating death for all of time
 This is the reason
 For Christmas season
 Let’s not forget why we sing
 For this is God’s son
 Who became the one
 To save all of us from ours sin
 So, I will sing praise
 To His wonderful name
 I will lift up my voice to the King
 He’s always the same
 And His love will remain
 He has given to us everything