He Gave the Trees

I can look in awesome wonder
At the miracle of nature
Knowing flowers grow from tiny little seeds,
And that season after season
When the petals bloom in splendor
The whole cycle is entrusted to the bees

I can marvel at the way the leaves
Are changed to brilliant colors
As they slowly fall upon the frosty ground
But I’ll never understand the man
Who looks at all this master plan
And insists that proof of God cannot be found

He gave the trees
To color His creation.
He gave the stars
To brighten up the sky
He gave us senses
To enjoy each wonder he has made.
Who am I to doubt He’s there,
Who am I

With our eyes we see the brilliance
Of the bright stars in the heavens
As their light glows from a distance far away
With our ears we hear the chirping
Of a bird so sweetly singing
In a melody that’s far beyond compare

With our nose we smell the fresh rain
And our mouths enjoy the sweet grain
That the earth brings forth on each and every day
But it’s hard to understand a man
Whose body holds this master plan
And insists that God’s not with us day to day

He gave the trees
Tto color His creation.
He gave the stars
To brighten up the sky
He gave us senses
To enjoy each wonder he has made
Who am I
To doubt His wondrous plan
That was formed
By the master’s hand
And given from above to man
Who am I

If you’ll open up your eyes and ears
You’ll see Him as he draws you near
And hear His gentle voice say
I Love you

How Big?

Have you ever looked up to the sky in the dakrest lonely hours
And seen the brilliant light that travels from those distant stars
Have you wondered what it would be like to go that far
And visit those amazing stars that shine in lonely hours

If we could travel to the moon and back in just one hour
It would take 16 days to travel to this sun of ours
To travel to the nearest star after our sun so far
Would take ten thousand years to travel to the closest star

They say 400 billion stars are in our galaxy
But with our naked eye six thousand’s all we see
With about 100 billion galaxies floating in that sea
we start too realize just how big our God must be

If He could have the mind to create such a wondrous thing
Just thing how marvelous His love to create someone like me
Unique in all my ways now He has made me to be free
To trust in His great love that sent His Son to rescue me

How big is our great God who plans for all the universe
Yet looks down on this simple place of home that we call earth
He takes the time to make us part of His great love and worth
And we can live forever for He’s given us new birth