You Will Not Believe

When I was young I went to church
I got to know my Bible
I went through confirmation class
Then faith became my rival

Once out of school I turned away
From lessons I had learned
I followed sin instead of God
And righteousness I spurned

In the middle of this frolic
When I thought I was free
You will not believe
What Jesus did for me

The spirit started drawing me
So gently deep inside
I didn’t know His voice back then
I faintly heard His cry

I found out that He loved me
Despite all of my sin
I found out that he died for me
To give me peace within

I turned my life around one day
He saved me through and through
Ever since that day occurred
I’ve tried to learn His truth

He’s healed me many times since then
Delivered me from evil
He walks with me from day to day
He shields me from the devil

His hope is ever in my soul
His joy is so abundant
His peace brings calm in every storm
Why was I so reluctant

Perhaps today your wondering
If Jesus is for you
If you want peace inside your soul
Then this is what you do

Just ask Him to forgive your sin
Ask Him to be Lord
Accept His grace and mercy
He’ll give you so much more

You will not believe
What Jesus did for me
Until you have received
His love that sets you free

My Salvation Story

I still remember where I was when Jesus set me free
I still remember who was there the day He rescued me
I remember the reaction that all those friends could see
On that happy day when Jesus saved me

I’d traveled out to Iowa to visit with my friend
My life was full of drink and drugs I partied without end
The plan was to enjoy the stay and party long with him
Things took quite a change soon when I arrived

The second night of stay my friend took me to church
I heard a message that convinced me I was truly lost
I raised my hand for prayer but was frozen in my seat
I knew I didn’t want to go to hell

Later in the week that pastor came to visit me
He said he saw my hand and asked if he could pray with me
I prayed a prayer of sorrow for the sin that was so deep
I asked God for forgiveness and asked him to save me

I sat on my friends’ couch as that prayer came forth that day
Suddenly a cold sweat started coming out of me
It felt as if my sin was being cleansed from inside out
My clothes were drenched in sweat as I wept at His great love.

That day set things in motion for who I am today
My mind and soul and heart all long to walk along His way
I live as pure as I can in this fallen world each day
Giving praises to my Savior for His mercy and His grace

Now that’s my testimony of the day He set me free
I’d love to hear your story would you comment yours for me
Or write a post that testifies of how faith came to be
And give you the glory all to Jesus Mighty God us He

Note to Self

Note to self
Don’t worry so much
Don’t break a sweat over tomorrow
Just concentrate on the gift of today
The present
Note to self
Never feel alone
God is always with you
Whether you feel Him or not
Trust Him
Note to self
This trial will end
It has only come for moment
To help you grow in the faith
It came to pass
I need reminding quite often
That the mercy of God is for me
This His grace will always cover me
That He loves me despite myself
So I write these
Notes to self
Note to self
You’ll be okay
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Or even the big stuff for that matter
Give it to God
Note to self
God loves you
No matter what you say or do
He will always be there for you
He is faithful
Note to self
Give Him your all
Don’t hold back in your witness
Let the world hear your testimony
Be bold for the Lord
Note to self
Praise Him
Praise Him from sunrise to sunset
Praise Him no matter what is going on
Praise Him with all that you have
Praise Him wherever you go
Praise Him for everything
Just Praise Him

Rise up

From the ashes I rise

As I look in His eyes

I soar to the skies 

Like an eagle 

My sins are erased

By His glorious grace

My heart filled with praise

For my Savior

Rise up

Let His love by your guide 

Rise up

As He walks by your side

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love 

Rise up

He has given new life

Rise up

Let your voice testify 

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord

Now heaven’s my home

I’m at peace in my soul

Jesus paid what I owed

At the cross

There’s a mansion for me

By the clear crystal sea

That’s where I will be


Rise up 

See the glory He brings

Rise up

Jesus Christ King of Kings

Rise up

Let the world know about His great love

Rise up

Your purpose is clear

Rise up

The world needs to hear

Rise up

Let us boldly go forth for the Lord 

We shall rise on wings like eagles 

We shall walk and not be faint

We shall run and not be weary

As we rise

He will give us words of wisdom

He will teach us how to pray

He will always go before us

To prepare the way 

So rise up 

Be a witness bold and strong

Rise up

For His coming won’t be long

Rise up

Tell them all the battles won

Rise up

Rise up

Rise up

Lift Him Higher and Higher

He said if I
Be lifted up
I will draw
All men to me
They raised Him up
Upon the cross
The blood He shed
Has set me free

They laid Him in
A borrowed tomb
They sealed it tight
A guard was paid
In three short days
The stone rolled back
He is alive
To heaven He raise

Lift Him higher and higher
For all the world to see
Lift Him higher and higher
Tell of His love
Lift Him higher and higher
Come on and testify
Lift Him higher and higher
It’s up to you and me

As I go out
Onto this world
My daily task
Is plainly clear
I need to speak
And testify
Of His great love
For all to hear

Lift Him higher and higher
For all the world to see
Lift Him higher and higher
Tell of His love
Lift Him higher and higher
Come on and testify
Lift Him higher and higher
It’s up to you and me

Every word I speak
Everything I do
Every thought I have
Out in this dark world
Should be witness to
His eternal love
Am I living proof
For the King above

Lift Him higher and higher
For all the world to see
Lift Him higher and higher
Tell of His love
Lift Him higher and higher
Come on and testify
Lift Him higher and higher
It’s up to you and me

Glory to God

Where can I go
What can I do
How can I speak
And bring glory to you

What is the plan
Where does it lead
When will I learn
To bring glory to you

Every word I speak
Everything I do
Every action is seen by the world
Life’s full of worries
Doubts still abound
My calm reactions will speak out so loud

Peace in the storms
Joy in the valleys
Love in the midst of a sarcastic crowd
Patience in suffering
Faith that won’t quit
All these shout glory to God out loud

Glory to God who sits on the throne
Glory to God who reigns
Glory to God the great three in one
Glory to God
Let’s give Him all praise

Where ever I go
Whatever I do
However I speak
I’ll bring glory to you

For this is your plan
That leads me along
Because I have learned
To bring glory to you

Glory to God who sits on the throne
Glory to God who reigns
Glory to God the great three in one
Glory to God
Let’s give Him all praise

I’m Back

I will be returning to these pages soon.  While my break was very refreshing, it also took me places I should not have gone.  It created idle time, and I learned some important things from this break, or perhaps I was just reminded of them.

The first is that pride is the greatest weapon our enemy has.  It can pull down even the best and brightest star, which Lucifer once was (Ezekiel 28:14-18, Isaiah 14:12-14).  He is very aware of what affect it will have on us, and on our relationship with God.  So he slowly sneaks it into our mindset unawares, and soon we are finding ourselves making decisions different than what God has told us.  We are finding ourselves and what we do important, more important than they are.  We are becoming a star, hoping that everyone  will see us, and see just how right and how honest and how just we are, when in fact we are just following our heart, which is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9)  We start to emulate others rather then being ourselves.  I saw this in myself and rather than put it under the blood, I succumbed and stopped writing – the wrong thing to do.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17), including pride.  Once recognized, it is already on defeat.

The second is when God tells me to do something, I should do that and not what I am telling myself, or what God did not tell me to do.  The poems and songs are things that He was giving me daily, and as  took my break, that flow was less audible to me.   When you turn your mind off to God in one area, it’s easy to turn Him off in other areas too. I was hearing from God on a regular basis,  and writing Psalms of praise and reflection on a regular basis.  It was as simple as starting to write as He formed the words in my  mind, and before I knew it, a song or a poem had arisen.  But during this hiatus, as I was getting used to not writing, I turned my mind off to those sudden words that would come to me in the night (mostly).  And very few new poems/songs have been written. You will start to see new posts again soon.  I was also going to start back up on my piano, something I dd not do.  I am doing that now.

The third thing was that I was going to devote more time to Bible study.  But in dong so, I abandoned my study n Psalms, which was something God told me to do, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me, and will continue to be with 30 more Psalms to go.  But I, in my own mind (and pride) thought I should be doing more bible study.  Just doing a Psalm, or a part of a Psalm, and reflecting on it’s meaning in my life wasn’t enough , was it?  I needed more, didn’t I?  God never told me I needed more – that was my own quest for knowledge (which can be, and is in me, pride).  He told me to reflect on Psalms.  So I will go back to that.  If you are not following my bible study page – Walking in Christ, you can find it HERE

So I am going to start posting again.  It may not be daily, and sometimes it may.  With the new work I have at home, I am a little busier than I was before,  But I must do what God has asked me to do,so I will get back into it.  I look forward to hearing from each of you, and  thank you for staying in touch!


Now That I Know

There was a time
When I knew not
What Jesus did for me
I hadn’t heard
About His love
Or death on Calvary

I didn’t know
His sacrifice
Was given in my place
I hadn’t heard
Of His mercy
Or His amazing  grace

But now that I know I’ll praise Him
From the dawn ’til setting sun
I’ll lift my voice and hands up high
For all that He has done

I’ll praise Him for His goodness
I’ll praise Him for His love
I’ll praise Him for the mansion
He has built for me above

Now that I know
What Jesus did
To set me free from sin
Others must hear
About His love
And all He’s done for them

I’ll let them know
The price He paid
That He died to set them free
I’ll share the word
And testify
The He would die for me

I will worship Him on high
And I will praise His name
I’ll tell the world of His great love
I’ll tell them how I’ve changed

And when I gt the chance to pray
For someone to be saved
I’ll celebrate with the heav’nly host
And lift His name in praise

Oh, glory to the Son of God
Glory to His name
His love has saved us all from sin
I’ll lift my voice in praise

Thirty-eight Years Later

With great anticipation
I awaited the day
That my love was going to come and take me home
The first part of my life
Was spent in Massachu
Now Iowa would be where I would roam

With great expectation
We drive those many miles
Knowing God was guiding all the way
Now thirty-eight years later
Our love is still alive
And life keeps getting better day by day




In response to the daily prompt Expectation