Early Saturday morning
Lightning dazzles the sky
I woke up asking one question
The word on my mind was why

Why do I love God so much
Why does He give me such choice
Why do I love to praise Him
Why did He give me a voice

The answers came rather quickly
As I penned these words today
I’d like to share with you now
And then be on my way

I love Him because of His mercy
And His wonderful grace to me
He found me when I was a sinner
Then He lovingly set me free

He gives me a choice to follow
Or stumble right back to my shame
Just to see if I really love Him
Or if I’ll just make fun of His name

I praise Him for He’s the creator
Nothing equals His majesty
I praise Him for who He is
And all He has done for me

He gave me a voice to tell others
Of my wonderful Savior above
To share with all that I meet
How they can know His great love

Now that He gave me the answers
To the why’s I was having tonight
I think I’ll go back to sleep
And pull the covers up tight

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. IsaacFaweya

    He fought and won all battles (both seen and unseeing) in all realms for me; He always gives me confidence and courage to face each day with victory and success assured…

    I hope you’ll put all these together in a book! Great “Why’s?”



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