Is He Lord, or Just Savior?

This piece was inspired by my blog post today on the same subject from Psalm 132. You can view it at if you like

We all can call Him Savior
For that is who He is
The stripes on His back saved us from sickness and disease
The thorns on His brow brought healing to our minds
The nails in His feet makes Him a lamp to light the way
The nails in His hands bring His peaceful touch
The blood dripping down His face redeemed us from our sin
The spear in His heart heals our broken hearts
And all this brings us joy
His resurrection brings us hope
And the guarantee of eternal life
All for just accepting that sacrifice on the cross
So many years ago
And accepting Him as our redeemer
Confessing our sins
Repenting and turning away
And following Him
Savior He is and always will be

But is He Lord
Do I follow His word
Do do as He asks
Do I give Him my liife
For that is what He requires
For entry to heaven
Or do I selectively do what He wants
And then what I want
Wallowing in between His truth
And mine.
This is lukewarmness
And the lukewarm He will spew out of His mouth
I don;t want to Be in that state
Is He Lord
Or is He just a puppet you call when you need Him
Is He Lord
Or is He just a gift giver to you
Is He Lord
Or is he just mercy and not truth
Is he Lord
Or is He just grace and not judgment

If He is not both Savior and Lord
You do Him a disservice
And yourself
And you may miss heaven
According to His own words
Make Him Lord today
Submit to His will
Follow His ways
Heed His words
Peace and Joy will seek you out
When He is Lord

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