What Can I Give

What can I give to Jesus my Lord
Considering He’s given me so much more
All that I have has come from His grace
His mercy touched me in my disgrace

There are 3 things I must daily give
To walk in His presence as long as I live
He gladly accepts these three simple things
So to Him each day I gladly will bring

First I must give Him all of my sin
Turn from it fully and repent within
He will take all of it gladly from me
Then clean my soul and I shall be free

Next I must give Him all of my praise
Lifting my voice to Him with hands upraised
Offering words that exalt His sweet name
A sweet smelling savor of love for His grace

Last I must give Him all of myself
My body, my soul, my mind and all else
There is nothing that I should withhold from Him
He desires to bless me without and within

When I have given these three simple things
Jesus my Savior becomes King of Kings
Lord of my life, I will bow at His throne
Knowing that now my life He does own

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