From Lost to Found

Changes come and changes go

You never know what’s next

Hairstyles, fashion, colored toes

It’s hard to know what’s best

But all these changes just don’t last

They make no difference

And when the change has come to pass

Most people could care less

I know one change that is for real

A brilliant transformation

For when I came to Jesus Christ

He gave me Salvation

My life was changed in every way

His Word becamse my ration

As I applired it to my life

It gave me inspiration

From weak I now became strong

From poor He filled me up

I  was a sinner, shame throughout

He cleaned my inner cup

My life was bound for hell that day

But now I’m heaven bound

The transformation Jesus brought

Chnaged me from kost to found

In response to the daily prompt  Transformation

5 thoughts on “From Lost to Found

  1. Shattered in Him

    I have been lost and found on so many levels; as a missing child, as a spiritually dead soul, having been on life-support, and then JESUS grabbed me out of the slimy pits.

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