The Way is Now Open

Man once lived in a garden

That was pure and full of life

They had their choice of fruit

And berries brought delight


But one tree was forbidden

The tree of knowledge called

Good and evil it would show them

But God said don;t eat at all


But man was way to curious

And he ate forbidden fruit

So God blocked the way to life

From the garden man did go


Generations later

Jesus came to die

He’s the only way

To eternal life


The tree of life is open

To all who call on Him

So open up your heart

And ask Him to come in.



In response to the daily prompt Tree

One thought on “The Way is Now Open

  1. Amen
    God is good,here Blesses us daily.
    I love you Father,Lord, King of Kings, Lord of Lord’s, Son of God, our Savior, The Messiah, The great I Am!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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