How Do I Love You, Lord

How do I love you, Lord?

Let me try and count the ways

There are so many things I thank you for

And I give you all my praise


I love you as the creator

You gave us all that we see

You provided a world where we can live

Such a marvelous place to be


I love you as my provider

I have no need that you can meet

You watch out for me and care for me

Every day your grace is so sweet


I love you for you are my healer

When I’m hurt I can trust in you

I never should doubt or fear the result

For I know you will bring me through


I love you for all of the blessings

That flow out to me so many ways

I cannot begin to count all the times

You have touched me day to day


I love you for you are my Savior

You shed your blood to set me free

And you rose again to give eternal life

I’m in awe of your great mercy


There are so many ways I love you

For all the things that you’ve done

My praise will continue for all of my days

Because my victory you’ve won


But above all these things I love you

Just because of who you are

You are Lord of all Lords forever

I am constantly in awe


And I will lift my praises

No matter what life brings

Because you are seated in heaven

And are crowned King of all Kings

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