Child of the King

Only through Christ the blessings flow

Only through Christ will I ever know

The promise from Heaven He bestows

To all who call on His name


He bought me at such a great price

By becoming my precious sacrifice

Paying the debt of sin in my life

So that now I am redeemed


His blood wiped away all my sin

Now God will never bring it up again

It’s just as if I’d never sinned

Justified by His blood


No longer will sickness rule in my life

Because I am healed by the horrible stripes

Now I claim victory when evils rise

Delivered from pain and disease


My mind is now free from doubt and fear

The thorns that he wore brought a covering here

Now I can now he will always be near

Peace and Joy flood my life today


He opened the way to heaven for me

He calls me His son, and He says I am free

He sets me apart because I believed

Sanctified through the cross


He’s there for me in good times or bad

Giving me guidance that I never had

His Holy Spirit shows me His plan

To prosper my life every day


From now on I’ll praise Him with all of my heart

I’ll sing out my worship, I’ll never depart

His precious love has set me apart

I am a child of the King

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