Awake to the Fact

Rumor has it grace has won

There’s no longer need for repentance

I am here to say this is false

And hell is still the death sentence


Jesus told us more of Hell

Then heaven when He spoke

If He so strongly used those words

Isn’t it time we awoke


Awake to the fact that we still need to repent

Awake to the fact that we must confess

Awake to the fact that we must ask forgiveness

For all on which we have obsessed


Awake to the fact that we must ask

Christ Jesus into our heart

And we must make Him our Lord and King

And promise to never depart


And we must Awake to not sin again

But do all our best to be Holy

Live our life like our Lord Jesus  Christ

Then grace takes over the story.


So do not be fooled by the lies that exist

That all you need is His grace

You must step out in faith and do what He says

Then heaven will be your place






In response to the Daily Prompt False

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