The Believers Life

Go and Do

Do you wonder who you are
or what you should do
if you are a Christian?
Do you wonder what His plan is
or what His will is
for your life?
The answer is clearly written
Clearly spelled out
In His word

You are the salt of the earth
The light of the world
The hope of nations
You are a child of the king
Adopted into God’s family
An heir of His blessing
You are a royal priest
A peculiar person
A chosen generation
You are washed in the blood
Redeemed by the Lamb
Unto good works

Your mission is to preach the gospel
Unto all the earth
Baptizing as you go
Heal the sick
Bring sight to the blind
Open the deaf ears and dumb mouths
Let your light shine
So all may see your good works
And glorify God
You are to be meek
poor in spirit
hungry and thirsty for righteousness
Mournful over sin
Reapers of the harvest
You are to speak
words of edification
That will minister grace
You are to show
love to your enemy
joy in the midst of trials
You are to forgive
all who may wrong you
and not be offended
You are to love
without hypocrisy
You are to bear all things
Believe all things
Hope all things
Endure all things
You are not to be proud
Or backbiters
Or gossipers
You are to be pure just
‘ Honest and true
Virtuous and full of praise

All of these things and many more
Are found in His word
A letter of love to you
If you’re looking for your purpose
It is already written
Now Go and Do!

The Believers Life

You’re Beautiful, Lord

You’re beautiful, Lord
My eyes behold your glory in the heavens
My lips sing your praise on the earth
My ears long to hear your still, small voice
I smell the fragrance of the afternoon rains and I rejoice
My feet are swift to run to you
My arms reach out to embrace you
You’re beautiful, Lord

You’re wonderful, Lord
You paid the price for my sin
You took the stripes for my healing
You were nailed to a cross to set me free
Your blood was spilled to cleanse my mind
You rose again to give me eternal life
You are coming back to take me home
You’re wonderful, Lord

I will lift up my voice and praise you’re sweet name
Jesus, King of Kings
Jesus, Lord of Lords
Jesus, Lamb that was slain for me
Jesus, my redeemer
Jesus, My Savior
Jesus, forever He will be with me


You have promised in your word you’ll always be there
To hold me in your arms when I am down
You have promised that you never will forsake me
When I’m lost your grace I’ve found

You have promised that you’d heal all my diseases
You will take away the pain I feel inside
You have promised that your joy will overwhelm me
That your peace always abides

You have promised that I am a new creation
My old life passed away when I met you
You have promised you would guide my every movement
All my ways I give to you

You have promised you will break the chains that bind me
When I put my trust in you I am set free
You have promised I’ll be filled with your sweet Spirit
He will dwell inside of me

I will stand upon the promises you gave me
In your Word I will find the words you gave
I will trust you with my life and all my future
For I know that you’re the one who gave me grace

Sweeter than the honey from the comb
Purer than the water from the rain
Truer than whatever this world gives me
Your promises are mine to gain

Praise and Worship

At Your Name

At your name the lame man walked
At your name the dumb man talked
At your name many were shocked
At your name
Your mighty name

At your name demons shall flee
At your name I’ve been set free
At your name I am redeemed
At your name
Your mighty name

All of heaven. All of earth
All creation shouts your worth
Let me lift my hands in Praise
Jesus Savior, at your name

At your name I am healed
At your name truth revealed
At your name love is real
At your name
Your mighty name


Light of the world
My creator
Savior to all
My redeemer
Coming again
To take me home
Jesus Savior
I am yours


Safely Back to You

I was lost on the waves of the storms of life
Being tossed all about feeling so uptight
Hope was lost that I’d ever turn upright
Suddenly He came to me

Called my name out loud through the whirling wind
I had heard that voice so I knew it was Him
I stepped out of the boat and I walked to Him
Walking high above the waves

When I looked out on the wind and waves
I began to sink ‘neath the water ways
He reached out His hand and I found His gaze
Looking deep inside my heart

He brought me back to the storm tossed boat
That He calmed the sea set us back afloat
Suddenly a calm came into my soul
I knew all would be all right

Oh sweet Jesus take my hand
Help me please to understand
Why these storms keep tossing me
Off the path you have for me
Of sweet Jesus guide my way
Stay close by my side each day
When I’ve fallen off the path
Bring me safely back to you

To Die For Us

What a light
What a light so bright
Came down to us
To die for us

What a child
What a lowly child
Came down to us
To die for us

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

What a day
He went to the grave
Three days later He arose
He came to save us

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

To redeem us
To restore us
To return us back to you

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

Great is Your Name

I can’t believe
That you loved me
In spite of my sin and my shame
When I was lost
You paid the cost
Since then I am not the same

I’m no longer dead
Your word I have read
Your truth has given me life
Now I will rejoice
I’ll lift up my voice
I’ll give you my praise sacrifice

Worthy, you are worthy
Holy, you are holy
Righteous, you are righteous
Lord of my life
King of my days
Worthy, you are worthy
Holy, you are holy
Jesus, you are Jesus
Great is your name
Great is your name