I look at what my life was like
Before I knew the Lord
I had no cares or worries
And I truly had no goals

One day I realized
Just how fatuous this was
As I sat and heard a preacher
Telling me about the Lord

I gave my heart to Jesus
Later on in that same week
Now I know where I am headed
And I truly feel unique

For the King of Kings does love me
And He treats me as His child
Why don’t you come to Jesus
And give up being wild

In response to the daily prompt


This Night

This night is a holy night.
With the star shining brightly in the sky
Where the child lay
This night is a holy night.
For the spirit of God has come to stay
In a stable filled with hay.
It’s a Holy Night

This star is a holy star.
Shining so brightly in the sky
There to light the way
This star is a holy star.
Giving light to Mary’s newborn babe
He has come the world to save.
It’s a Holy Star.

All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
Emmanuel has come to earth
Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
The son of God has come to save

This child is a holy child.
The angels proclaim His lowly birth
To shepherds in the field
This child is a holy child.
Kings bearing gifts come from afar
And they kneel before the child.
He’s a Holy Child.

Lift up your voice and sing praise to the newborn king
Good will to man and peace on earth He brings
Join with the chorus as angels sing
Praises to the King. Sing praises to the King!

All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
Emmanuel has come to earth
Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
The son of God has come to save

Jesus, You Are My Life

You are my Light
You brought me out of darkness
Out of a deep pit
My sin stained life was bound for hell
You shed your light
On all my transgressions
You asked me to come out
Come out of darkness
Into your Light
Now I can walk in the Light
Your Light
The Light of life

You are my breath
All that I once breathed
Was dying and decayed
It did not nurture my body for good
But brought evil in
I was bound for that evil place
But you breathed into me
Your Holy Spirit came alive
Inside me
Now breath fresh air
Your breath
The Breath of life

You are my bread
I have feasted on leaven
The leaven that destroys my soul
The things I have eaten
Dig deep into my life
They overwhelm me at times
And carry me away to sin
But you offer me bread
That makes me a new creation
No longer bound to sin
But to grace and mercy
Deep within
Now I eat of your manna
Your bread
The Bread of life

You are my water
I was thirsting in the desert
Crawling for just a sip of relief
My lips parched
From the vinegar of this world
Then you brought me water
Living water that will never be quenched
Spring flowing from within
Filling me with refreshing
Flooding me with joy
Your water of life

You are my life
Before I was walking astray
Not able to find my way
Lost in darkness
Lungs wheezing to breathe
Body aching from malnourishment
But you brought me Light
And Breath
And Bread
And Water
Now I live
For you
Because you gave me life
And you are my life

This Child

We approach this season with anticipation
Our hearts burst forth with exhilaration
Each day is filled with great expectation
For Christmas Day to come

When I was young it was presents galore
That I would dash across the floor
To receive many gifts I would adore
When Christmas Day had come

But now the day is filled so much more
With that blessed hope and eternal joy
The Child that came is Christ my Lord
My Savior that has come

Let’s not forget what God has done
By sending us His only Son
To die upon a cross alone
To bear our sins away

Oh what love He has for you
That he would bear your sins for you
This Christmas make Him Lord of all
This Child has come for you

In response to the daily prompt


The A.S.K. Principle

This poem was written in conjunction with my book of the same title.

When I’ve lost my direction
In this crazy old world
I’m reluctant to ask for some help
I think it’s a reflection
That I’m not self-assured
And it makes me feel very inept

But I can’t have this attitude
In my walk with the Lord
When I find I am losing my way
I will have more gratitude
If i look to His word
And find how He tells me to pray

He says first I must ask Him
When I’ve come to stray
Whether knowledge or wisdom I need
And He says that He’ll give
And show me the way
To find the next step in my plea

Next is to seek out
His will for my life
In the situation I’ve fallen in
Then I can figure out
The escape from my strife
And find the path destined to win

Last I must knock
At the door I come to
It shall open to me on its own
The door is unlocked
And it opens to view
The answer that He will make known

Now all that sounds simple
And easy to do
But there’s one trick you need to remember
The asking and seeking
And knocking you do
Must be done ’til you’re led to the answer

He always will lead to the answer
He always will answer your plea
It’s the waiting and watching that’s hard to do
So ask ’til your heart is set free
And seek ’til you see
And knock “til you reach the door.

Your Choice

We are not robots
Not programmed for life
Not controlled by another
Not hard wired to a specific task
Not bound to a certain set of rules
Not mindlessly obedient

We are human beings
Determined to our own way
Free to choose our destiny
Free to decide our path
Free to walk where we want to walk

God created us
To love Him
But to make our own choice
Salvation is free
But not mandatory
You can choose
Heaven or hell
It’s up to you
What will you choose

In response to the daily prompt



Soon and Very Soon

I can tell by the faint
Dim Light
Giving shape to the trees
And buildings far off
It increases
Slow but sure
I see the slight tint
On the dark gray clouds
Above the horizon

Soon and very soon

I can tell as the rays
Hit the bottom
Of the clouds
They start to light up
First a dull yellow
Growing slowly
In it’s glory
To a brilliant gold
Gilding the formerly gray
Obscure shapes

Soon and very soon

Those rays hit another cloud
Then another
Colors appear across the sky
Extending further
And further
Lighting the sky
Thrilling the eye

Soon and very soon

The sun will peak it’s face
Over the horizon
The show will be over here
To be shown elsewhere
Further west
And further west
Throughout eternity

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/your-daily-word-prompt-horizon-November-24-2018/


Sometimes I can explain and other times I can’t
The science of this world is not enough
It can only go so far
To explain the sun and stars
But just cannot explain my Father’s love

They say it was a big bang that started everything
And all creation came from not a thing
But then they say that something
Cannot come from nothing
It seems they just can’t grasp a lot of things

Perhaps it was a big bang that began the world we know
It happened in the blink of an eye
The Father spoke the Word
Let there be Light was heard
And all the universe came into sight

But to explain a Father that would give His only Son
To die a painful death upon a tree
To save a sinful soul
To come and make us whole
I can’t explain His ardent love for me

So when you talk of science and logical response
Just remember that He died to give you life
It just does not make sense
For God to recompense
This kind of love for one’s who cause Him strife

We all were sinners lost with no hope for future life
Hell and it’s torture was our destiny
But God did send His Son
He was the only one
Who could give eternal life to you and me

So today I ask you please to put aside that hardened heart
And accept what Jesus did for you and me
Because science can’t explain
His purpose and His plan
It’s faith that will decide your destiny

You Overwhelm Me Jesus

You overwhelm me Jesus
Every day that I’m alive
You give me every breath
You give sight to my eyes
You make the birds to sing
You cause the sun to rise
You overwhelm me Jesus
Because you give me life

You overwhelm me Jesus
I’m captured by your grace
Whenever i face hardships
I long to see your face
And when I’m down and dreary
You listen when I pray
You overwhelm me Jesus
In many different ways

You overwhelm me Jesus
I’ll lift my voice in praise
Because you are my Savior
My hands to you are raised
I’ll worship in the spirit
I’ll lift your holy name
You overwhelm me Jesus
Your wonders I’ll proclaim

In response to the daily prompt