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I Love the Light

I love the light that shines on me
It helps my eyes to plainly see
God’s creation given to me
I love the light that shines on me

I love the light that shines in me
Revealing things that hinder me
Dispelling dark and setting free
I love the light that shines in me

I love the light that shines through me
Showing the way so others see
The love of God can set them free
I love the light that shines through me

Is God’s great light alive in you
Does His abiding love shine through
Give Him your all and His will do
Make sure His light shines bright in you

The Cross is All I See

My neighbor built a rock garden
With a fountain flowing free
Some birdhouses hung above the rocks
On a pole that had a tee
A light was hoisted high
To shine for all to see
And when I looked upon it
The cross is all I see

As I travel ‘round for business
The landscape is so vast
I look out on the countryside
As long as sunlight lasts
Spread all along the roadside
Are wires dangling free
From poles with arms attached
The cross is all I see

What a wondrous gift God gave us
In an old rugged cross
A symbol of God’s grace and love for me
I travel through my neighborhood
And all around the state
Seems everywhere the cross is there to see

Open your eyes to see the cross
Each day you go outside
It’s their in all its beauty
The cross will never hide
And when you meet a friend
Tell Him of God’s great love
Tell Him about the cross you see
Gods great gift from above

Open Me

Open me up Lord so others may see
The love that you’ve placed inside of me
Open my heart and mind and soul
That I may show joy to young and old

Open my eyes to see the pain
That others are facing again and again
Open me up Lord to let you shine
The light of the world for all of time

Open me heart Lord to help the lost
To let them known that you paid the cost
Open my mind to understand
What words it will take to reveal your plan

I want to be open to follow your way
I need to be open to your will today
I vow to be open to others in need
I promised to love them in word and deed

Open me. Open me. Open me Lord
Open me up to witness for you
Open me up to touch those for you
Open me up as a light for you
Open me Lord. Open me for you

The Believers Life

Your Story

I write what the Lord gives me
Each and every day
I often wonder if it reaches
Folks along the way

Because I have a responsibility
To share what God’s done for me
Hoping that each word will touch
Those who come by to read

So let your story be told
For the word of God plainly says
We overcome by the blood of the Lambhttps://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/12/29/your-daily-word-prompt-responsibility-December-29-2018/
And by our testimony of grace

In response to the daily prompt


Witness and Testimony

No Longer Silent

Too often
I am too private
With my witness for Jesus Christ
I don’t share His message
Or speak of His love
Or pray for the sick
Or visit the ones in need

It’s time to go public
To be more upfront
To tell of His goodness and love
To pray when I see a need
To visit my neighbor
To offer help
No longer be silent
But bold in His witness
Uplifting the name of the Lord

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/11/03/your-daily-word-prompt-public-November-3-2018/

The Believers Life

I Am Guilty

I have to admit I am guilty
I dissemble most every day
I write these short little verses
But I have quite more to say

The reason is not just to answer
The prompt that’s before my eyes
But to talk to you about living
For my Savior Jesus Christ

I want to see you in heaven
By these poems I reach out
And tell you about salvation
So you won’t have any doubt

He came to show you His kingdom
He died to free you from sin
He rose to give you eternal life
Today give your life to Him

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/19/your-daily-word-prompt-dissemble-October-19-2018/

The Believers Life

As Winter Weather Comes

It’s that time of year again
Cooler weather on the way
Time to store the summer clothes
Get the flannel out to stay

It would be nice to hibernate
And skip the cold completely
But that would not be good for me
I’d live life too discretely

I want to be a witness
Of the Grace of Jesus Christ
He died to set me free from sin
And He’s given me new life

I will not let my light grow dim
Or hide it under a bushel
It will shine all the more you see
For lost souls are the issue

As the winter weather comes
So many will be searching
It’s time to make my writing count
For these words speak of mercy

In response to the last two daily prompts



Tell the World

Reign in the Heavens
Sweet Lamb of God
Twenty four elders
Praise ‘round your throne
Cherubim shout out
Holy are you
Seraphim fall down
Worship is due

Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the Lamb who was slain
Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the lamb who was slain

Rain down from Heaven
Spirit of God
Fill us with power
To tell of His love
Grant us your wisdom
Your words we seek
Fill us with boldness
To preach in the street

Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the Lamb who was slain
Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the lamb who was slain

He’s the one who gives us power
He’s the one who gives us strength
To tell the world
To tell the world
Of His great love

Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the Lamb who was slain
Blessing and glory
Honor and power
To the lamb who was slain