I Am A Victor

The Savior now sits upon His throne
He rose from the grave and ascended above
The praise of the angels greeted Him there
The Cherubim flying around in the air

Oh, how I’d love to hear the applause
As Jesus ascended from earths humble cause
He bought our salvation and set us all free
By taking upon Him the curse meant for me

Praise, adoration and worship on High
Unto the one who has won the fight
Satan defeated when he thought he’d won
Victory given to God’s only Son

From lamb who was slaughtered to lion who reigns
He did it all our vict’ry to claim
Death is defeated, the grave has no sting
It’s time to lift up our praises and sing

Hosanna, hosanna to Jesus my Lord
Hallelujah, amen to the one I adore
Exalted and seated upon the throne
All power and authority He does now own

Forever I’ll worship and lift up His name
Because of Him my life is not the same
I am a victor because of He arose
And I’ll live forever with Jesus my Lord

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