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Sins Defeat

I’ve fought so hard to win the victory
Yet sin still seems to have its grip on me
I’ve wandered from His teaching way to long
Now I’m not sure if I can still go on

The guilt and shame of sin wells up inside
My heart pumps hard and there’s nowhere to hid
His eyes look down on me with love and grace
He reaches out His arms and we embrace

I realize right then I’ve done it wrong
I’ve truly had the vict’ry all along
I just needed to stand on my two feet
And decide I will not walk in sins defeat

The strength to stand comes from my walk with Him
He gives me power to leave behind my sin
The longer I keep fighting, never done
For Jesus has already freedom won

My vict’ry lies within His written word
There’s nothing more I need to be secured
I lift my hands, surrender all to Him
My heart, my soul my mind and all my sin

For long ago they nailed Him to a cross
His blood cleansed all my sin, He paid the cost
And then He rose in triumph over death
So I could give to Him my every breath