His Mercy Still Cover Today

Mercy comes running from the throne of God
It reaches us right where we are
We should never doubt and never fear
That His mercy is always enough

In the wilderness trip of the people of God
God dwelt in the Ark every day
A mercy seat covered this precious abode
And His mercy still covers today

Inside of that ark was the manna from God
And the rod that budded from death
Also, the tablets of law were put there
Then the mercy seat covered this wealth

These three things represent three aspects of God
The rod was His almighty power
He manna showed His provision for all
And the tablets of stone show His law

Yet the mercy seat covered it all in that day
And His mercy should still be in that place
Our witness, our strength, and the things that we say
Should all be covered by mercy and grace

For His mercy still covers today
Everything that we do or we say
Make your witness effective this day
By delivering words of grace

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