You Will Not Believe

When I was young I went to church
I got to know my Bible
I went through confirmation class
Then faith became my rival

Once out of school I turned away
From lessons I had learned
I followed sin instead of God
And righteousness I spurned

In the middle of this frolic
When I thought I was free
You will not believe
What Jesus did for me

The spirit started drawing me
So gently deep inside
I didn’t know His voice back then
I faintly heard His cry

I found out that He loved me
Despite all of my sin
I found out that he died for me
To give me peace within

I turned my life around one day
He saved me through and through
Ever since that day occurred
I’ve tried to learn His truth

He’s healed me many times since then
Delivered me from evil
He walks with me from day to day
He shields me from the devil

His hope is ever in my soul
His joy is so abundant
His peace brings calm in every storm
Why was I so reluctant

Perhaps today your wondering
If Jesus is for you
If you want peace inside your soul
Then this is what you do

Just ask Him to forgive your sin
Ask Him to be Lord
Accept His grace and mercy
He’ll give you so much more

You will not believe
What Jesus did for me
Until you have received
His love that sets you free

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