My Last Day

What if I knew
was my last day on earth
How would my day go

I’d wake up praying
for guidance from God
Who should I talk to Lord
Give me boldness Lord
Go before me
And touch them with your spirit Lord
Cause them to be ready
For my witness

Then I would break out
in praise
and worshp
Lifting His name
Thanking Him
for His mercy and grace
thanking Him fr preparing hearts
to hear my words
thanking Him for walking with me
giving me the words to say
and the spirit to say them

I would leave my house
and go business to business
His sacrifice
His salvation
to all I see
Compelling them
to enter the Kingdom of God

I would go door to door
pleading with them
to give their lives to Him

At the end of the day
I would be with my wife
loving her
consoling her
assuring her
That we will see each other

I would sleep

I need to make that day

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