Incredible Love

His love is more than I can know
It reaches inside me
The love He brought from heaven above
The love that set me free
He taught me how to live each day
In love and harmony
Oh that I could demonstrate
His incredible love

His mercy reached my struggling soul
And forgave all of my sin
His grace has blessed abundantly
It flows from deep within
His strength is now my sure defense
I know that I will win
Oh that I could only show
His incredible love

I feel it when I rise each day
‘Til when I face the night
I feel it when I work and play
His love is like a light
It shines on me and gives me joy
I feel His awesome might
All because He gives to me
His incredible love

Love that’s filled with power
Yet it’s sweet and kind
Love that knows no limits
Touching all mankind
Love that shows compassion
Troubled ones He finds
How I want to demonstrate
His incredible love

It’s up to me to tell the world
And show them by my ways
That there’s a God in heaven above
Who cares about their days
They all should know that He is there
To touch their lives today
Oh how I must spread the word
Of His incredible love

4 thoughts on “Incredible Love

  1. Scott

    You do a good job as far as I know. I like how you said His love reaches inside me. How intimate is that. Jesus is the best friend I ever had. I can’t imagine one better. Not because He says what I want to hear but because He challenges me to know what real love is like – sacrificing and overwhelming.


    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks for your comment Scott. He is a good friend! A good friend will challenge us and is not afraid to bring up things we need to improve on. Most of us do not have many friends like that. I’m glad Jesus challenges me on a regular basis, most of he time through what He gives me to write.



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