One Word

If I could say one word to Jesus

What word would it be

What word would summarize

All my Savior means to me

How can a single word take in

His royal majesty

There must be such a word

That I could speak



So Amazing

So Amazing is His love for me

Truly Amazing

Simply Amazing

How Amazing that Jesus would love me


From on His throne in heaven

He looked down to see my plight

And came to earth to die

So that I could have new life

It’s hard to comprehend such love

For such a worm as I



If He would grant me one word

Perhaps He’d grant me two

The next word would be just as hard

To think about and choose

My thoughts would wander through a list

Of words that call-in praise

I’d have to find a word

That would live His holy name



So Magnificent

So Magnificent is my Savior’s love for me


Surely Magnificent

Magnificent that He would care enough


He tells me every day

How much He loves me so

He fills me with His peace

And calms my weary soul

The joy that He bestows on me

It lightens up my load

And His Spirit leads the way

Everywhere I go


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