God Only Wise

Shout to the Lord

Sing out His praise

He is magnificent

In all of His ways


Dance for the Lord

With a heart full of joy

He is Amazing

And, Oh so much more


He formed the earth

Divided the seas

Set up the sun

He created the trees

Brought up the beasts

And birds of the air

Then He made man

His image He shared

And when He was done

He said all was good

Creation was done

It is wonderful


Give to the Lord

All of your praise

Worship His holiness

Lift up His name


Raise up your hands

Lift up your eyes

He is exalted

God only wise


Came down from heaven

Gave up His throne

Suffered and beaten

Left all alone


Forgiving my sin

Washing it white

Filling my life

With His glorious light

Placed in the tomb

Sealed with a stone

Rose up to life

Will soon take me home

Taking my shame

My quilt and my fear

Filled me with peace

He dries every tear


I will rejoice

In Jesus my Lord

Day after day

He’s the one I adore


Forever and ever

I’ll praise His name

For He is worthy

Of all of my praise

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