I look up at the moon and am amazed

At how it reflects the sun

different every day

Sometimes it is full and bright

And other days completely gone

Some days it shows a smile

And other days a frown


And I wonder, and ask myself

Is this how I reflect the Son, Jesus Christ?

Some days I shine His light bright

But other days people wonder

If  really am a Christian?

Do I  some days have a bright smile

And other days seem down and out?


If my desire is to win souls

and bring in the harvest

I must shine the light of Christ brightly

In every situation.

He is in control of my life

So nothing can go wrong

That He is not prepared for

and will see me through


Unlike the moon

which has no say in how it will reflect the sun

I can decide how I will reflect the Son

Help me Lord to shine brightly

So others will be attracted to the light

And give you the glory



In response to the daily prompt Moon

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